‘SSW’: Have Fans Found The Merrifields Potential New Sister Wife?

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When Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife ended, the Merrifields were brokenhearted. They had been betrayed by their longtime love, Roberta. Despite her reluctance to come to America, even though her visa had been approved, they still held out hope. Then, Dannielle and Garrick received a text that would change their lives. Roberta was not coming over from Brazil to be with them even though her ticket was booked. As sad as they were, the couple reassured one another that they would stay committed to this lifestyle. In the closing credits, it said that they had met someone new. Have fans figured out who this woman is? It appears so.

The Merrifields Attempt To Move On

After more than three years, Garrick and Dannielle were devastated over Roberta. Dannielle did question if this was the end of finding another wife. However, her husband said that they were going to keep pursuing the life God called for them. In the end, it was revealed that they had met a new woman, also from Brazil. They were going to meet up with her in person in Mexico, as they had with Roberta. Now, eagle-eyed fans believe they have found the woman that the Merrifields are talking to.

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Her name is Nathalia and she resides in Brazil. On Instagram, she has over 1600 followers with Garrick and Dannielle being two of them. This is interesting because, throughout their first season on the show, they didn’t even follow each other. More than this, they both like a lot of her posts which are quite stunning. To further fuel speculation, some of Nathalie’s photos are tagged in Cancun and Mexico is where the SSW couple was aiming to meet the Brazilian beauty.

Uncertain Future

As of now, it is pure speculation. However, it makes sense that Nathalie is the woman that the Merrifields are courting. Yet, the future of Seeking Sister Wife is up in the air as viewers await news on a renewal for Season 5. There is no reason why the show would not return since it has a decent fan base. Furthermore, with Roberta out and Nathalie in, this creates a fresh new storyline for Dannielle and Garrick. Sadly, they truly were scammed and played by someone they believed loved them. Prior to her abandoning them, Roberta asked for around 10K from the Merrifields.

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Garrick obliged but once the check cleared, she allegedly decided she could not share her man with a third wife. Yet, it did come out that the couple had been sending Bert money every month since they started their relationship. Essentially, she wanted to stay where her bread was buttered though she had no intentions of ever coming to America. Hopefully, Nathalie is nothing like that and genuinely wants to build a family with the couple.

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