Fans Think ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Roberta’s A Scam Artist?

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Seeking Sister Wife fans were initially skeptical of Garrick Merrifield. The way that he behaved around his potential sister wife Roberta was over the top. He was crying and almost knocking his OG wife, Dannielle’s feelings of jealousy and fear. She was just trying to adapt to a new situation but all he cared about was his Brazilan love. Now, with her visa approved and over a year since she has seen the Merrifields, fans are starting to believe she was in it for all the wrong reasons.

The Merrifields History With Roberta On Seeking Sister Wife

It was all too easy. Garrick heard a calling from God that he needed to add a wife to his family. At the same time, he and his current wife, Dannielle had been having problems for a long time. She was not completely comfortable with this concept so she prayed a lot. Finally, she came to the conclusion that it was what was best for her family. They went on a polygamist dating site where they met Bert from Brazil and felt an instant attraction. Two days in Mexico later and she was their fiancee.

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Dannielle and Garrick

Dannielle and Garrick returned home to get a divorce so he could marry Bert and bring her to America. Once it was complete, they returned to Mexico so Garrick and Bert could have one on one time. Unfortunately, jealousies boiled up leading Dannielle to struggle. Garrick did not care much and when they returned home, he wanted her to pray this to go away. Covid hit making it hard to reach Bert so finally, she and Garrick came up with a solution. They would head back to Mexico, forget about a wedding and focus on babies.

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That was where Season 3 ended and by Season 4, the Merrifields were building this new and lavish home to accommodate babies and more wives. Yet they had not seen Bert in over a year. Yes, they met up in Mexico for a non-legal commitment ceremony but that was it. She had gotten her visa approved but her mom’s illness was holding her back. It felt like Bert was never coming.

Just A Scam?

In Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, the couple decided to start pursuing a third wife, which Bert did not like. They did this for two reasons. First off, they had grown tired of waiting on Bert. Secondly, if and when she did arrive, Dannielle wanted to make sure she had someone to keep her company. This made Bert extremely uncomfortable yet she was not racing to the proper channels to get the paperwork needed to come to America. As of now, in real-time, it appears that she is no longer with the Merrifields. 

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Apparently, she has written, via social media, that she has chosen to stay in Brazil without “self-destruction and torture.” On the show, she is not even answering their calls. This is leading fans to believe that she simply scammed the couple. One fan had this to say: “I don’t think Burt is ever coming. I think she’s a scam artist…they are probably sending her money.” To be fair, she probably got paid to appear this season and act interested.

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Moreso, she got the engagement ring plus those trips to Mexico probably were not on her dime. Plus, if she did get pregnant, she would get money from Garrick forever. No one will really know the truth as Dannielle and Garrick seem very much in denial. At this point, it looks like it is all for show.

Do you think she is a scammer? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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