‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Dannielle Merrifield Undergoes Makeover

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Seeking Sister Wife comes back for Season 4 in a few weeks. Interestingly enough, returning couple, the Merrifields are attempting to keep themselves relevant. Dannielle has unveiled a new look after sharing a bunch of lovesick posts for Garrick. So, what does her makeover entail?

The Merrifields Look For Love On Seeking Sister Wife 

Dannielle and Garrick were never ones who needed anything more than each other. That is until Garrick heard a calling from God to add to his family. He explained this to his wife of over a decade and Dannielle was much more hesitant than him. She took some time but eventually acquiesced to his needs. The two found a Brazilian beauty, Roberta on a polygamist website and met up with her in Mexico. After two nights, Garrick proposed by when they returned home, he and Dannielle divorced. It was just a formality so he could wed Roberta so she could come to America.


They made two more trips to Mexico to be with Bert but it was very difficult for Dannielle to see her husband with another woman. He did not seem to care and fans felt she deserved better. After Season 3 ended, there were rumors the couple had called it quits and they never posted with one another. There was also no real mention of their status with Bert. Finally, it was confirmed they would all be back for Season 4 but with some changes. Bert will be a part of the show but from afar. To make their presence known, the Merrifields are gushing about one another on Instagram. Now, Dannielle is undergoing a makeover and it is keeping all eyes on her.

A New Dannielle

Last July, Dannielle traded in her signature burgundy locks for long blonde extensions. Now, she is showing off another hair transformation. The mother of two lopped off her extensions but kept the bright blonde. It appears she was treating herself to a day of beauty. In her stories, she went through highlights and eventually had her extensions put back in. She followed that up with a trip to Lowe’s. Her usual posts are not about beauty or her “husband” but rather fitness and some motivational posts.


This upcoming season will be about the couple continuing their journey to finding love and expanding their marriage. However, it appears they have found happiness just being husband and wife. Fans are unsure what is actually going on between the two but they will just have to wait and see. The new season of Seeking Sister Wife premieres on June 6th on TLC. Are you excited to see their story continue?


Amanda Nowitz

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