‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Accuse Dannielle Of Literally Seeking


Seeking Sister Wife couple Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield are back for another season. Though they are still actively involved with their Brazilian love, Roberta, they want more. Actually, Dannielle has brought on the idea of adding to the family. She feels another wife would help balance it out. Yet fans are thinking that it was not as organic as they have made it out to be.

Dannielle And Garrick Are Actively Seeking Sister Wife, Part 2

Last season, Dannielle was dealing with a lot of jealousy when it came to having a sister wife. She was seemingly having a plural marriage because her husband Garrick wanted this. They had been struggling for some time and it seemed to be the best option. When he approached her with this idea, she was very hesitant and had to pray about it a lot. Finally, she believed it was right and they went on a polygamist website where they met Roberta. They even got divorced so she could get a fiancee’s visa. However, seeing Garrick with another woman and being intimate with her was very hard for Dannielle.


This season, they have returned but Bert is not with them. A year ago, the three of them met in Mexico to have a non-binding commitment ceremony. Though her visa has finally been approved, she has yet to make it to America. So, Dannielle decided she would like to start looking for another wife. It would help her when Garrick and Ber are preoccupied with making babies so they found Lea online so she would have someone to hang out with. Bert learned of this and was super jealous which fans felt to be a super genius move on Dannielle’s behalf. Her sister wife finally got to feel how she did. Yet, now they are wondering if Lea was found so easily and naturally.

How Did They Find Lea?

Now that Bert is jealous of Lea, it seems that Dannielle is happier than ever. By the same token, Dannielle seems to be freed from her own jealousy. A fan took to Reddit to pose a theory. Did Dannielle actually put out an ad for a fake third wife just to keep them on the show? More so, did she do this to wreck Bert and Dannielle’s relationship which has seemingly worked? Redditors weighed in:


  • “They don’t seem to be into each other AT ALL… he is not lusting after her like he was Bert. Lea’s eyerolls are hilarious. I think she just wants to be on TV. What a complete scam.”
  • “The whole Lea storyline seems made up just so they can be on another season – maybe it is Danielle’s doing, maybe TLC, etc.. They haven’t even lived together with Burt under the same roof and they’re trying to bring in someone they’ve only known for a few months? Not buying it.”
  • “I think it’s sort of both. My guess is TLC helped them find her just for a plot line, but Danielle finds it hilarious, and loves using it to make Bert jealous.”

The general consensus is that this is all made up by TLC which seems accurate. If it benefits Dannielle and Garrick as well as their bank accounts, no need to complain. What are your thoughts? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.


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