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Josiah Roloff Cries As Tori Uses Lilah To Make A Buck

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Josiah Roloff cries as his mother Tori uses her daughter Lilah to make a quick buck while telling followers to ignore his crying in latest Instagram Stories video. Turns out, Tori Roloff found something pretty incredible at Target. The LPBW star created what felt like a bit of an infomercial as she showed off the fun little activity with Lilah on her Instagram Stories. Throughout nearly the entire clip, Tori’s infant son Josiah can be heard crying and wailing in the background.

Josiah Roloff cries as Tori uses Lilah to make money

Tori Roloff shared a video of her showing off a product she found at Target. Turns out, it was some sort of little plastic arts and crafts activity for her to do with Lilah. She revealed they were giant plastic objects like pizza and unicorns that they colored before baking. Tori shared what the item looked like before and after it was baked. Before, it was a rather large piece of plastic. After coloring and baking it, it shrank down to a much smaller little trinket.

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Excitement could be heard in Tori’s voice as she exclaimed about how cute the activity was. Tori also revealed that Lilah really seemed to enjoy making them with her. Lilah popped up in the video several times munching on veggie straws the entire time she watched the objects shrink in the oven.

Throughout most of the video clip, Josiah Roloff could be heard crying in the background. Tori added a caption to the video encouraging her followers to just ignore his cries. Tori explained it was bedtime and he was just crying in the background because he was fighting bedtime.

LPBW fans divided on the video clip

Unsurprisingly, LPBW fans were pretty divided on Tori just allowing Josiah to cry while she pimped products on her Instagram Stories with Lilah. Some fans agreed it is perfectly healthy for someone to let a baby cry it out. Others, however, believe you can’t spoil an infant and it creates trust issues if you let them cry it out. So, whether fans took an issue with the video really depends on where they fall on the issue of letting a baby “cry it out.”

Are you surprised Tori Roloff would push a product with Lilah while Josiah cried out for her in the background? Do you think she should have waited until he was done crying to make the video? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.


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