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Tori Roloff LIES About Jackson For Attention?

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Tori Roloff of LPBW told a lie about her son Jackson over the weekend that fans are baffled by. Some fans speculated she was trying to springboard off the attention she got from Jackson’s first day of kindergarten post. Ultimately, however, Jackson Roloff is a fan favorite. LPBW fans absolutely adore the kid. So, fans aren’t really sure why Tori felt the need to tell a lie about him. And, fans are a bit disgusted to think it could have been to get more attention.

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What did Tori Roloff lie about regarding Jackson?

Tori Roloff claimed they went bowling with Jackson for the first time recently. Fans were excited to see photos and videos of Jackson bowling with his family. They were so happy Tori took the time to share this experience with them. Fans that have been following the Roloff family for a long time, however, were scratching their heads. Why did Tori refer to it as bowling with Jackson for the first time? Fans assumed she was trying to make a big deal out of it being Jackson’s first bowling experience for attention. Some fans, however, were quick to call Tori out on her lie.

Some fans pointed out that Jackson Roloff actually went bowling two years ago. His grandmother, Amy Roloff, posted photos of the bowling trip on social media for fans to enjoy. So, if he went bowling a few years ago… This wasn’t really his first bowling experience like his mother was claiming it to be.

Amy Roloff - Facebook
Amy Roloff – Facebook

Is she exploiting her children?

LPBW fans are a bit disgusted that Tori Roloff would tell such a random and small lie about her son Jackson. Is it possible she forgot he’s gone bowling before? Or, was she just hoping fans wouldn’t remember and she could enjoy some more of that “first-time” attention she often gets with her following?

Many fans admit they don’t like how much Zach and Tori exploit their children. Fans agree the couple exploits their children for some easy money so they can enjoy their lavish lifestyle on a bed of cash.

Why do you think Tori Roloff would lie and claim this was Jackson’s first bowling experience when it wasn’t? Are fans being too harsh? Did she lie for attention? Or, is it possible she just forget? Let us know in the comments down below.


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