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‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Says Josiah Is ‘Lucky He’s Cute’

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Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World got super relatable on her Instagram Stories over the weekend saying something that a lot of parents are often thinking. Turns out, the TLC personality and her husband Zach Roloff had a pretty rough night with their youngest child, Josiah, over the weekend. Tori Roloff shared a sweet photo of Josiah noting that he was a bit rough to deal with right now as he kept both her and Zach up all night.

He jestingly added Josiah was lucky he was so cute after giving his parents so much grief all night. While some fans were a bit horrified Tori Roloff would say something so dark about her son. Other fans, however, just thought it was funny and agreed it was something parents everywhere thought about at one time or another.

Tori Roloff, YouTube

Tori Roloff considers sleep to be miraculous these days

The LPBW star has been pretty relatable with the parents that follow her on Instagram as of late. It wasn’t that long ago that she posted on her Stories admitting she experienced a miracle. What was that miracle? Well, it was simply that all three of her children enjoyed a nap at the same time. Some fans thought she was glorifying the situation and being a bit dramatic. Most fans, however, found the content relatable as they agreed the moment all the children in the house fall asleep is truly satisfying.

Tori Roloff - Instagram
Tori Roloff – Instagram

Does she want more babies?

Adding a third child to the mix seems to have made things increasingly difficult for Tori and Zach. So, LPBW fans can’t help but wonder if Tori wants to have additional children. After all, Tori Roloff has made it pretty clear she hoped to have at least one average-sized child. Some LPBW fans want this for her. Others, however, fear she will show favoritism to that child if it ever happens. Zach, however, has made it clear he likes the idea of having a tribute of dwarfs. So, it doesn’t seem to matter to him whether his children are average-sized or not.

Many Little People, Big World fans think Tori and Zach should stop having children because of the medical challenges a dwarf child faces. Some fans think it is irresponsible for the couple to continue to have children knowing the chances of them having medical issues for the rest of their lives.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Presently, Tori Roloff has been pretty adamant about the fact that she doesn’t have a desire to have additional children.

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