Heartbroken Sharon Osbourne Chimes In On Charles As King

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne was born in London, England, and has grown up her entire life with Queen Elizabeth as the monarch of her country. That makes the Queen’s death a hard blow for the television personality.

In a recent interview on TalkTV, Sharon talked about her home country losing its Queen and what she sees as the future with King Charles III.

Sharon Osbourne heartbroken at the loss of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, and most people alive today have only memories of her as the Queen of England. That all changes as her oldest son, King Charles III takes over the throne in the wake of his mother’s death. Sharon Osbourne spoke about the loss of her Queen and the ascension of Charles to the throne.

“It will never happen again in our country that there will be another monarch that will reign for so long,” Sharon lamented (via The Sun). “You could never ever say anything against the Queen, she never went wrong with one step.” Sharon said that Queen Elizabeth served the country until her death and never broke that covenant.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon also mentioned how this has to have a traumatic effect on Queen Elizabeth’s family. Outside of her son, the new King Charles III, she also leaves behind her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry, and their wives and children.

“Can you imagine the things she must have put aside, personally, family wise, things that she would have loved to have done, to serve her country,” Sharon said. “She never put a foot wrong, a magnificent woman. She will go down in history as the greatest Queen the country has ever had.”

Sharon also remembered the Platinum Jubilee celebration earlier this year in honor of Queen Elizabeth and commented that no one can celebrate an event like the English.

What is next for the Royal Family?

With Queen Elizabeth II gone, the next in line for the throne is King Charles III, her eldest son. The way the lineage goes, the oldest child takes over as the new monarch of England. After Charles, it would move on to his children, rather than his brothers. This means that his oldest son, Prince William, is next in line after his dad and then his kids in order of age.

Sharon also talked about King Charles III rise to the throne. She said that “I think Charles will be an amazing King I have so much respect for him and I think he will take care of all of us … He will be a good King, he can’t fill her shoes but he will do it his way. I have all confidence, I adore him, I respect him and he will do great things for this country.”

As for King Charles III, he gave his first speech as the new King of England and promised that the Royal Family’s values and convictions will all remain the same and that he promises to deliver the same lifelong service that his mother did.

What are your thoughts about King Charles III taking over as King of England? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The Queen was an outstanding example no one can match her!
    I don’t agree that Charlie will be a good king at all! I cannot with good conscience support him and Camilla in memory of Princess Diana! Charlie needs to step down and give the reins to Prince William as King!
    How can England support them after what they did to Princess Diana! The peoples(the world’s)Princess! I had the great honor of meeting Princess Diana, what an amazing woman! Another great!

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