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Queen Elizabeth II Fills Sky With Rainbows In Final Farewell?


Many believe Queen Elizabeth II filled the sky with rainbows in a final farewell as she made her way across the bridge to the afterlife. According to multiple outlets and chatter on Twitter, three different rainbows popped up in the sky as Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Citizens of the U.K. believe this was their late monarch giving them one final farewell as she peacefully passed on to the other side.

Queen Elizabeth II Fills Sky With Rainbows In Final Farewell?

Chatter on Twitter and multiple outlets confirm there were a total of three different rainbows that filled the sky as Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Many believe the late monarch herself must’ve played a role in filling the sky with rainbows to let everyone know she had passed away and was at peace on the other side.

One individual penned in a tweet a few hours ago: Her Majesty the Queen sent us three rainbows at the exact time she crossed that bridge. One at Balmoral, one at Windsor castle, and a double #rainbow over Buckingham Palace. She is letting us know she made it, and all will be well.”

As the flag is lowered to half mast over Windsor Castle an incredible rainbow appears over the castle, for a few minutes and then just like that it was gone….” Another added. 

Many reports say the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace appeared just as her death was announced. It stayed long enough to be noticed. And, then it quickly faded away.

The double rainbow that appears above Buckingham Palace at the announcement of the Queen’s death is a sign from Queen Elizabeth II who promises to watch over the British people given the economic turmoil announced.”

People of the U.K. took comfort in the rainbows

Photos and videos of the rainbows popped up all over Twitter as news of Queen Elizabeth’s death broke. Many citizens of the U.K. admit they took comfort in the rainbows as they believed it was the late Queen’s way of saying she would always be watching over them.

As many have previously reported, a lot of people feel a bit lost today as Queen Elizabeth II was the only British monarch many ever knew because of how long her reign lasted.

Do you think the rainbows in the sky had anything to do with Queen Elizabeth II’s passing? Let us know in the comments down below.

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