‘Attack On Titan’ Sake Available In The United States

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Grab your wallets anime fanatics — Attack On Titan sake is now available for purchase in the United States. According to the Anime News Network, this anime-themed sake is a limited edition set. So, there is only a limited quantity, and fans interested in owning a set shouldn’t wait too long to make their purchases.

Attack On Titan Sake: What do we know?

Sadly, you won’t find the Attack On Titan sake on the shelves of any stores. This interesting limited edition set can be purchased via a website called Takasan. According to the listing, the set includes four different bottles of sake:

  • Kikunosato Daina Eren Model
  • Kikunosato Daina Levi Model
  • Kikunosato Daina Mikasa Model
  • Kikunosato Daina Titan Model

Each bottle is 720mL. The website has the Attack On Titan sake listed at $275. The company charges standard shipping rates which can vary from $12-$20 depending on where the purchase is being shipped to.

attack on titan eren
Eren in titan form, ‘Attack On Titan’.

On various social media platforms, fans of the series admit they are a bit bummed there isn’t an Armin-themed bottle. Armin, Mikasa, and Erin have been a trio since the very beginning of the series. While a lot of fans love Levi and appreciate him being included, fans think the Titan bottle should’ve been an Armin bottle instead.

Where else can you purchase merch from this series?

If sake isn’t your thing or you don’t want to spend $300 on four bottles of sake, Amazon yields over 4,000 search results when looking up the series. Amazon offers Attack on Titan fans t-shirts, lights, cosplay outfits, and figurines.

Has Attack on Titan concluded?

Season 4 promises to be the final season of Attack on Titan. Fortunately, this does not mean the series has concluded. Presently, there are still a few more episodes of the series to be released that will tell the rest of the story. While it is unclear as to when the final episodes of Attack on Titan will be released, the official Twitter page has promised it will happen in 2023. As those who have read the manga know, no one expects there to be more than 10-15 additional episodes at best. The reason is there isn’t that much source material left. And, the material left can only be dragged out into so many episodes.

attack on titan colossal titan

Are you a fan of Attack on Titan? Will you be purchasing this anime-themed sake set? Let us know what you think about it in the comments down below.

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