Is Hulu At Risk Of Losing ‘Attack On Titan’?

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With Crunchyroll’s recent acquisition of Funimation, fans of Attack On Titan wonder if Hulu is at risk of losing rights to stream the series. As Hulu subscribers know, the streaming service has access to the sub and dub version of MOST of the available episodes of Attack On Titan because Hulu has an agreement with Funimation. Will Crunchyroll’s merger with Funimation create a problem for Hulu subscribers?

What is currently available on Hulu for streaming?

Hulu subscribers that prefer the Eng Dub version of the series, however, were hung to dry when Part 1 of Season 4 got released. The first 16 episodes of Season 4 (as well as all of the first three seasons) are available in both Sub and Eng Dub. The last 12 episodes of Part 1, Season 2, however, are only available in Dub. A reason why was never offered to subscribers, but Funimation stopped dropping Eng Dub episodes after Season 4, Episode 16.

The big question Hulu subscribers have at this point is really simple: What happens when Attack On Titan Season 4, Part 2 starts rolling out? Will the Eng Dub of the other 12 episodes be released? Will Part 2, Season 4 be released on Hulu?

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Will Crunchyroll take Attack on Titan away?

Crunchyroll merging with Funimation would not override a contract that was already in place with Hulu. The merger, however, could prevent Hulu from signing any additional deals for more immediate rights to anime from Funimation. Moreover, when the current contract expires, Hulu will likely lose Attack on Titan.

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Crunchyroll merged with Funimation and purchased Right Stuf recently. Fans of anime everywhere are watching as Crunchyroll slowly tries to dominate the market. It only stands to reason a company trying to dominate the market wouldn’t willingly give streaming rights to a popular anime to a competitor like Hulu.

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What is going to happen to Funimation?

Presently, fans believe it is only a matter of time before Funimation absorbs into Crunchyroll and ceases to exist. Presently, Funimation does have streaming contracts in place with services like Hulu and that makes it difficult for Crunchyroll to just absorb the company completely.

Fans also wonder what will happen next with Right Stuf. Some speculate Crunchyroll only acquired Right Stuf to remove their hentai (mature 18+ content) from the market.

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Do you think Hulu might be at risk of losing Attack on Titan because of some of the moves that Crunchyroll has been making? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more anime news.

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