Bethany Stout from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC

‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Where Is Bethany Stout As Of 2022?

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Bethany Stout appeared on My 600-Lb. Life back in Season 8. It’s been a few years since viewers have heard from her and they want updates.

During her time on the show, Bethany ultimately grew too frustrated with the program and Dr. Now’s demands. Like many other patients before her, she quit and went home early. But the good news is that she did manage to lose a significant amount of weight before exiting the show.

After the cameras stopped filming, Bethany fortunately went on to see a lot of progress with her weight loss journey. Keep reading to see what her progress looks like as of 2022.

Bethany Stout experienced a dramatic transformation over the past two years

Dr. Now’s program definitely isn’t for everyone. Many My 600-Lb. Life participants have trouble for a variety of reasons. Several don’t have the means to move to Houston while others aren’t quite in the right headspace to give up their food addiction yet.

Bethany Stout just happened to grow frustrated with the program overall. But she wasn’t about to let that stop her.

Bethany Stout from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC
Bethany Stout/My 600-Lb. Life

This summer, The List shared that Bethany Stout was still laser-focused on her weight loss goals. Bethany no longer publically posts on her Instagram page, but she did upload a photo in 2021 revealing a substantial weight loss.

“Loving life!” she captioned the photo she posted in 2021. Fans can clearly see how drastically different she looks after a few years of hard work.

Bethany Stout from Instagram
Bethany Stout/Instagram

That’s all the publicly available information on Bethany Stout at the moment. However, fans are happy to see that the My 600-Lb. Life guest went on to experience such a positive journey once she got away from the show. Dr. Now’s program works for some people, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all program.

What does the future look like for My 600-Lb. Life?

Throughout 2022, rumors started to go around that My 600-Lb. Life had actually been canceled. Rumor had it that TLC was tired of dealing with the bad publicity and mounting lawsuits. However, that didn’t seem to be the case. As recent as August, Dr. Now teased that new episodes would arrive on the channel very soon.

TLC has also been airing a lot of reruns of the hit popular show lately, leading fans to suspect that an announcement is just around the corner. New episodes could appear on the network by late fall if viewers get their wish. In the meantime, fans would love more updates on former participants.

Check back for more updates on My 600-Lb. Life guests like Bethany. TV Shows Ace will be here to fill you in and let you know what former patients are up to.

Stay tuned for more stories like this one.

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