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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Whatever Happened To Bianca Hayes?

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Bianca Hayes made her TLC debut on My 600-Lb. Life Season 10. It’s been nearly a year since Season 10 first premiered, leaving many viewers curious about the participants’ whereabouts. There were quite a few colorful castmates featured last year. But whatever happened to them?

And what exactly is Bianca Hayes up to as fall 2022 approaches? Fans want answers.

Bianca Hayes worked hard on the show and overcame obstacles

Like many other guests on My 600-Lb. Life, Bianca Hayes had dark chapters in her life that contributed to her food addiction. As a young girl, she watched her mother struggle with alcohol. Bianca’s mother would give her food to comfort her while she drank.

There was a lot of love in the home and things did get better once Bianca’s mother remarried. However, in just a few years, Bianca lost her mom, stepdad, and biological father too. The grief was too much for her to bear and she turned to food for comfort again.

Bianca Hayes from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC
Bianca Hayes/My 600-Lb. Life

But Bianca knew she couldn’t let her life continue that way. After becoming a mother and falling in love with a man named Romonte, she realized she needed to seek help.

During the episode, the TLC personality experienced various highs and lows. She did earnestly want to lose the weight, but stressful situations caused her to turn to food for comfort. Distractify reports that Bianca and Romonte no longer appear to be romantically involved.

The My 600-Lb. Life guest has a lot to keep working towards this year

It’s not clear where the TLC personality is at with her weight loss goals in 2022. However, she does maintain a pretty active online presence. Followers can clearly see how much happier she looks in her recent Facebook photos.

Bianca Hayes from My 600-Lb. Life, Facebook
Bianca Hayes/Facebook

She also seems pretty invested in her faith and often shares inspirational messages related to Christianity. And of course, Bianca has her children at home to care for. Although she still has some challenges in her life, she’s determined to stick around to be the best mother possible to them.

Fans hope they will get a chance to hear more from Bianca Hayes in the future. A new episode of Where Are They Now would be nice to have.

TLC still hasn’t given My 600-Lb. Life Season 11 the green light, but many viewers believe it’s just a matter of time now. Dr. Now has been pretty active on social media these days and even confirmed there would be new episodes soon.

Love keeping up with My 600-Lb. Life participants like Bianca Hayes? Stay tuned for more updates. Many of the former patients are pretty active online, so check back and see what TV Shows Ace uncovers next.

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