Miley Cyrus Turns Huge Profit On Nashville Mansion

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Miley Cyrus turned a huge profit on her Nashville mansion. She sold her estate for a staggering $14.5 million. This is a bigger profit than what she paid for the property five years ago. Fans may not know this about the singer but she’s smart when it comes to real estate.

She recently sold her 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 6,689-square-foot home. It’s one of the most expensive homes in the Nashville area. The property sits on 33.5 acres behind a gated community that’s situated outside of Music City. Read on to learn more and to find out details on how you can see her home.

Who purchased Miley Cyrus’ home?

Miley Cyrus ended up selling her home to Dairy Queen mogul Matt Frauenshuh. He is the biggest franchisee of Dairy Queens worldwide. There are currently over 200 DQ stores under the franchise Fourteen Foods.

Miley Cyrus On Joe Rogan Experience [Joe Rogan Experience | YouTube]
[Joe Rogan Experience | YouTube]

2017 price of Nashville home

Miley Cyrus purchased the home in 2017 for only $5.8 million, which is nothing for the rich and famous to sneeze at these days. The property increased to over 150% in the wake of inflation and increased housing prices. Cyrus made many reservations about the place when she lived there.

However, it looks like most of those changes took place indoors. The aerial views show that the exterior remains unchanged. The farmhouse-style mansion features a living area and a barn-style building that can be turned into a guesthouse, party pavilion, or recording studio.

According to the records obtained by, the purchase was the second-highest paid for a Nashville home. Reese Witherspoon purchased her new home for $18 million in the Belle Meade neighborhood.

Miley Cyrus loves to buy properties

Miley Cyrus loves to purchase and sell properties. In 2021, she showed Architectural Digest her Hidden Hills home, which she sold for $7.2 million. A year before that, she sold her Malibu home to songwriter Matthew Wilder.

There was also that one time when Miley Cyrus sold her Toluca Lake property to Nats Getty and his wife YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous. She currently has a $4 million house that’s situated in L.A’s Studio City.

Check out the photos of Miley Cyrus’ Nashville mansion on and Taste of Country. The house has been on the market before. It was a hard sell, as it kept going from buyer to buyer. Each time it happened, the sale would go through. The photos are from the time when she listed the estate in August 2017.

In the meantime, the Hannah Montana alum has teased her upcoming album era on social media. Fans are looking forward to more music after the release of her critically acclaimed album, Plastic Hearts. She found her footing after bouncing from one musical genre to another.

What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ Nashville home? Do you like it? Which of her homes is your favorite? Sound off below in the comment section.

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