Is A ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot Happening Soon?

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What if the song ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ starts playing on your TV screen right now?

Yes, we are talking about our beloved Hannah Montana! Our childhood wouldn’t be the same without this epic teen sitcom. An average teenage girl gets to live a double life as a famous pop singer; what’s not to love about it? And, yes, the exceptional songs in the series had everyone tapping their feet with excitement.

Hannah Montana YouTube

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Well, your favorite childhood series might soon hit the screens. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more!

Hannah Montana’s Jason Earles Hints A Possible Reboot

Jason Earles, who played the character Jackson Stewart on Hannah Montana, recently revealed his thoughts about a possible reboot. As reported by E! News, the Disney Channel alum isn’t ruling out a reboot of the sitcom. However, he did mention that it requires certain contingencies for it to happen.

Hannah Montana YouTube

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Talking about his thoughts on the sitcom’s return, the 45-year-old said, “A Hannah spinoff, sequel, or reimagining makes a lot of sense.”

“I think the right people would have to be involved,” he added.

The Hannah Montana alum specifically mentioned that the show isn’t really possible without his on-screen sister Miley Cyrus.

Hannah Montana YouTube

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“I think that it’s something that maybe down the road Miley would be excited about, but it really hinges upon her. She has a much better relationship with the show now than she did when we finished,” he continued.

Will Hannah Montana Reboot Happen Without Miley?

Hannah Montana went off the air on January 16, 2011. Ever since, fans have been craving for more, as they make do with the re-runs or binging the series on Disney+. In these 11 years, Miley Cyrus has shed her child star image, which is something Jason acknowledges.

Talking about this change, he noted, “She’s really confident in who she is now. I don’t think that people just associate her with this thing she was trying to break out of.”

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Given that Miley highly appreciates fans’ love for the hit sitcom, Jason proposed that the singer/actor might possibly decide to explore some version of a reboot. Jason also added that a spinoff without the star might not make any sense as he said, “I don’t think it really makes a lot of sense if she’s not involved because she really is the heart of the whole thing.”

On the 15th anniversary of Hannah Montana‘s premiere, Miley wrote a touching note celebrating her alternate persona that read,

“You were a rocket that flew me to the moon and never brought me back down. I couldn’t have imagined when taping myself singing ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’ against a white wall in my mom’s friend’s kitchen…would make my wildest dreams a reality. You and I have been through it all, my friend.”

Jason Earles Stars In High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

While Miley is now focusing on her career as a singer, Jason served as an acting coach for the first two seasons of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Later on, he joined the cast playing Director Dewey Wood of Camp Shallow Lake. The show debuted its third season on July 27, which is available on Disney+.

What do you feel about a possible reboot or spinoff of Hannah Montana? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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