Wendy Williams Betrayed By Oprah Winfrey?

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Wendy Williams feels betrayed by Oprah Winfrey. She thought her mentor had her back all this time. The former talk show host found out that Oprah’s allegedly coaching Sherri Shepherd. It’s bad enough that Wendy has been burned by her replacement.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she’s asked her friends and team not to watch or support Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show. Wendy hoped that everyone would be on her side, especially those in the entertainment industry. However, some of them plan to join the show when it premieres. She’s shocked to learn that Oprah is helping out her archnemesis.

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Oprah Winfrey helps Sherri Shepherd

According to a new report, Oprah Winfrey wants to help out Sherri Shepherd. An insider told Radar Online that Wendy Williams feels burned from her predecessor. The Real Housewives didn’t listen to her about not appearing on Sherris’s show. Now, she found out that Oprah is helping Sherri behind the scenes.

“Wendy couldn’t get a Real Housewives to help her when she started her show and here is Oprah reaching out to Sherri, who stabbed Wendy in the back,” the insider told Radar. “No wonder Wendy is heartbroken.”

Wendy Williams Interviews Sherri Shepherd [YouTube]
Sherri is preparing for her talk show, which premieres on Monday, September 12. She shared the advice she’s already received from her former co-hosts on The View. The actress already had a long career in the entertainment industry. She’s leaning on the work she’s done in television and comedy to help her succeed.

During this time, Oprah allegedly reached out to Sherri to offer her advice. She wants to coach her. Meanwhile, Wendy Williams feels burned by this revelation. She has no one on her side.

“It feels like the whole world is against Wendy,” the insider continued. “Wendy had to beg reality stars to appear on her show and here is Sherri getting calls out of the blue from Oprah. If Oprah turns up on Sherri’s show as a guest, in Wendy’s old studio, Wendy will explode.”

Oprah Winfrey Coaches Sherri Shepherd [YouTube]

Is Wendy Williams getting karma?

This has created a heavy debate on Twitter. Some fans wondered if Wendy Williams’ downfall is a result of karma. She became known for spreading rumors and gossip about celebrities on her popular “Hot Topics” segment. Wendy wasn’t afraid to share her true feelings about them too.

Now, she’s relying on her famous “friends” to side with her during this time. They’re not coming around. Most of them refuse to boycott Sherri’s new show. Wendy Williams still thinks she has a chance to return to television if Sherri’s new show fails.

Sherri Shepherd's Interview With Wendy Williams [YouTube]
“Wendy has a public breakdown and lost her show and Oprah, or no one else for that matter, called Wendy,” the alleged source told Radar.

Sherri isn’t just replacing Wendy Williams’ old show. She also acquired her entire production team, including the executive producer and showrunner, David Perler. Sherri will also continue the “Hot Topics” segment. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comment section.

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