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Meri Brown Shuts Door On Sisterhood With Christine

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Meri Brown appears to be shutting the door on her sisterhood with Christine in the latest Sister Wives Season 17 teaser. Does Christine Brown leaving Kody mean Meri has no love left for her? Keep reading for the details and to check out the new teaser.

Will Meri Brown ever leave Kody?

While Sister Wives fans are thrilled that Christine Brown had the strength to leave Kody… Fans can’t help but wonder why Meri didn’t join her. It has been clear for a very long time that Meri and Kody do not have any more love for each other. Like Christine, Meri also doesn’t appear to have an intimate relationship with her husband. Unlike Meri, however, Christine was NOT ok with simply being married to Kody. She wanted to be intimate. And, she wanted to be loved. When Kody Brown’s lack of love extended to breaking the heart of their daughter Ysabel, Christine decided she couldn’t take it anymore. And, she walked. Many fans are desperate for Meri to do the same.

Meri Brown/TLC

Now, there are some rumors that Meri and Kody Brown are not even together. A few anonymous sources have come forward over the years to suggest that Meri and Kody Brown only come together to film new seasons of the show. These same sources claim that when the cameras are not rolling, they have nothing to do with each other. With all the trailing Meri reports doing on her Instagram during off-seasons of the show, this isn’t too hard for fans to believe.

Meri Brown/TLC

Door shuts on her sisterhood with Christine

Refusing to leave Kody, Meri Brown is seemingly disgusted that Christine has chosen a different path. In the latest teaser for the new Ssiter Wives Season 17, Meri Brown all but denounces any sisterhood she has with Christine. Meri notes that if two women are not married to the same man, they are no longer sister wives.  Unfortunately, it sounds as if Meri wasn’t very supportive of Christine’s decision to leave.

Check out the teaser down below:

Do you think Meri Brown is being too harsh on Christine? Is Kody Brown the only reason Meri had a relationship with Christine? Let us know in the comments and keep coming back for more.

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  1. Meri is her own person, with her own opinion. I feel bad for her because she has herself in a hole she’ll have a hard time getting herself out of, if she ever wants to. On one hand, she is a true believer in the dictates of her faith, which keeps her in the hole, and on the other, she is a human being, which dictates her need for companionship. It’s a tough spot to be in. Unfortunately, many women are in the same position because of their beliefs. I think she is hoping kody will divorce her, freeing her to climb out into the light. In the meantime, she is going to live her manic depressive life, expending all her energy trying to convince herself she’s OK. Kody just isn’t worth the effort. He’s damaging her, and is just fine with that. It’s sad, but very common, with narcissists like him.

  2. Mari deserves so much more and kody is a controlling man, come on Mari show your backbone and I get rid of this controlling man he Loves Robin whom makes sick

  3. I think Meri should cut all ties with Kody he wants nothing to do with her get over it you should have never divorced him so he could marry Robin that was your mistake forget him

  4. I have had empathy for her and what Kidy and the other wife’s had done to her. However I can no longer support Mary. She is leaving and traveling all the times the shows not filming and she comes back to film for the money. She choses to be martie and she chooses to be unhappy. There comes a time when for me i have to open my eyes and I have followed Mary from the beginning. I am proud of Christine for choosing herself and her kids over toxic Kody and Robin. I will not be watching this show any longer

  5. Mary needs to grow up and stand up for herself. She is a sister wife. She gave up being the wife so kody could mary Robyn’s. She needs to leave Kody .but she won’t cause of the money and she’s a dreamer. Robyn is the only person Kody loves the others are just to float his ego.

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