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Christine Brown Reveals Hard Truth About Janelle & Meri

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Christine Brown revealed the hard truth about her former sister wives Janelle and Meri. As those who know the history of this family, Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife. Janelle was his second. Christine Brown was brought in as his third wife. Both Christine and fans believed she would be his last wife and his favorite wife. That vision shattered when Robyn Brown was brought into the picture as a fourth wife. Suddenly, Kody didn’t have any love left for his other three wives.

Unlike Meri and Janelle, Christine Brown was not willing to sit in a loveless marriage. The TLC personality boldly admitted that she craved a romp in the bedroom and Kody Brown only seemed to have time for Robyn. Christine Brown reached a point where she was done and she walked away.

In addition to opening up about her plans for the future and her interest in dating, Christine also spilled a few juicy details about her sister wives. Namely, she focused her attention on Meri and Janelle. What did she have to say?

Christine Brown/YouTube
Janelle, Robyn, Christine, Meri

Hard truth about Meri and Janelle from Christine Brown

According to Christine Brown, Meri and Janelle did NOT get along very well. Kody brought Janelle into the family and it was trouble in paradise. Christine explained that the women were not really enemies. But, they certainly weren’t friends. She believes that when she entered the family as a third wife, she smoothed out the friction between Janelle and Meri. She was the missing piece of the puzzle. The buffer the family needed. It all came together. And, it worked. For a while.

Meri Brown/TLC

Does Christine leaving mean trouble for Meri and Janelle? Naturally, fans speculate Christine walking away from the family could spell disaster for what she left behind. Can Robyn also be a buffer for Meri and Janelle? Or, will the relationship go back to being full of friction?


The TLC personality has made it clear where her support lies as she continues to hang out with Janelle. Both Robyn and Meri, however, made it clear they were a bit disgusted that Christine left the family. And, it doesn’t sound like Christine has a lot of love left for these ladies as she’s never spotted spending any time with them.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Do you think Christine leaving could create problems for Janelle and Meri? Let us know in the comments.

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