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Joy Forsyth Flies Solo Despite Mom’s ‘Always Be Available’ Advice

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Joy Forsyth continues to break free from the advice and rules of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar as she lives her life with her husband Austin and her children. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Joy-Anna Forsyth recently flew solo with her children to enjoy a weekend getaway with her bestie, Carlin Bates. These lovely ladies documented their time together on Instagram and both Duggar and Bates fans were here for it.

Joy Forsyth flies solo, ignores mom’s advice

Growing up, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters were not allowed to travel or go out without some sort of supervision. The couple placed very strict dress codes on their daughters as they believed that many parts of their bodies should only be viewed by their husbands privately. Moreover, Michelle Duggar has been very open with her thoughts on the place of a married woman and the rules she should adhere to.

For example, on the Duggar family blog, Michelle Duggar has written about the purpose of a wife. She explained that a married woman needs to “always be available” for her husband. Michelle explained that it is her duty to be available “always” to meet the needs of her husband.

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Michelle Dugar has always lived a life of putting her husband and his needs first. And, she did her best to teach her girls this is what was expected of them too.

Austin’s wife bounces, puts herself first

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna Forsyth made it clear that “wife first” wasn’t how she intended to live her life. She packed up her children and enjoyed a weekend getaway with her friend Carlin. Joy documented the time on Instagram. For example, she admits they stayed up way too late talking. And, she got a nasty sunburn because Carlin insisted on being outside for too long. Most important, Joy Forsyth notes that her children had a blast playing with Layla. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Layla was bummed to say goodbye to her friends. Gideon and his sister, however, were thrilled to see daddy when they got back home!

Most Duggar fans were here for seeing Joy-Anna fly solo and enjoy a weekend with her friend. Fans admit the only way this trip could have been more perfect was if Joy left her children with Austin and visited Carlin while being kid-free.

How do you think Michelle Duggar feels about her daughter Joy breaking all the rules? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Duggar family.

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