‘Sister Wives’: One House An Option Without Christine Around?

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A big problem on Sister Wives was the concept of the single-family home. It was fine when there were three wives and twelve children. However, as time went on and more issues came to light, the less the wives wanted this lifestyle. One of the biggest advocates for not having this style of home was third wife, Christine. Yet, now that she is no longer in the family, fans are wondering if this is now back on the table.

The Horror Of Sister Wives & The One Big Home

When it came time to plan and prepare for the move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Kody had this big idea. The family had bought a huge lot of land, Coyote Pass. He felt it would be the perfect time to build one big home for everyone to live in. Granted, many of the children were gone so it would be a lot different than before. The last time the Brown family all lived under one roof was in Utah. Back then, there were fewer children and Robyn had yet to marry Kody.

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Then, they moved to Vegas where each wife had their own home and own autonomy so that was definitely a game changer. Now, the idea of a big home seemed plausible. Therefore, Kody plotted to get a floorplan for this massive home without anyone in his family being aware of what he was doing. Then, he made his grand presentation. For Christine, she was vehemently against it. In Utah, she had been a basement wife which meant she was on the bottom of the totem pole.

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Janelle was fine with the idea though she knew this home was not going to be great if they wanted to sell it. Finally, Robyn and Meri were unsure how they felt. In the end, everyone got their own homes but, as of last year, Christine had left. This begs the question if they could now build one big home.

Is It Back On The Table?

With Christine living back in Utah and almost all of the children gone, is there any reason why this one big home cannot work? Furthermore, Meri and Janelle are almost always traveling so they aren’t home enough for it to matter. Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to start a thread over the idea that this home could actually work now.

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  • “If we want to be technical Kody’s family already lives in one big house successfully. He and Sobyn have a full monogamous marriage with all their kids at home. I can’t see Sobyn allowing any of his exes to move in with “their” kids though.”
  • “It would never work because only Janelle would really be ok with it. Robyn might say she’s ok with it to the camera but she’s not and she will tell Kody she’s not ok with it because the other wives “bully her” or some other stupid excuse”
  • “Absolutely. I think Robyn got lucky in a sense that Christine was so adamant about not doing it so that Robyn wouldn’t have to say it out loud. None of these women want to live together except Janelle because she’s basically checked out.”
  • “I think TLC should require them to live in the one big house as part of their contract. I think the drama would be off the charts and so fun to watch.”

Some fans asked about zoning laws and if they could even build one home. That was most likely something the designer and Kody checked out before they went through the process. However, with Kody, one never knows. Do you think this is a good idea now that Christine is gone? Let us know and watch Sister Wives when it premieres September 11 on TLC.


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