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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Analyze Skeletons In Closets Of Brown Family

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Avid Sister Wives fans know that the Brown family isn’t as happy as they appear to be on TV. But what kind of skeletons are they actually hiding in their closets? Right now, it’s really anyone’s guess. But one Redditor thinks they might have the answers after all.

Reddit breaks down the serious issues within the Sister Wives family

Most Sister Wives viewers would agree that Kody and all the wives have significant faults. Those flaws have become more apparent to viewers with every passing season. As the Brown family breaks down and crumbles, Kody and the wives are starting to show how they operate under pressure.

Sister Wives from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Recently, one Redditor opted to formally type out the personal flaws of each of the adults. Their analysis is quite long, but here are the main points:

  • Meri- displays passive-aggressive behavior when upset and never seems to apologize for her own faults
  • Janelle – hates being bothered and doesn’t seem interested in bonding time with the other wives
  • Christine – heavily indoctrinated into the polygamist lifestyle and religion, possibly participated in “little white lies” to save face
  • Robyn – tries way too hard to protect Kody and is also heavily indoctrinated into the polygamist lifestyle and religion
  • Kody – reads way too much into his status as “head of the family” and continuously stirs the pot with his wives
Sister Wives from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Personally, I have adored this family since day one. It breaks my heart to see the pain that they are experiencing because of the chaos that they have created,” the OP finished their post. “I really wish that one day they will stop glossing over issues and say what really is the matter. They excuse their own emotions and problems for what they say is for the sake of keeping peace. But is there really any peace when all we have seen in the last three years or so is nothing but hell?!”

The passive-aggressive behavior is strong within the Brown household

Many other Redditors agreed with the OP’s points. A few added that Janelle did actually lie to the family on occasion, when she admitted to going to the movies instead of going to work. Either way, it seems like passive-aggressive behavior runs rampant in the family.

Sister Wives/YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

“I’m not [an] expert in Mormon polygamy but one thing I noticed when I lived in Utah, was that the culture was very passive-aggressive,” another Redditor replied. “Even in mainstream Mormonism, they would preach that arguing is a sin and the devil trying to talk through you. That’s my understanding of it anyway. It seems like Sister Wives exhibit the same passive-aggressiveness until it explodes.”

Even so, it seems like things will come to a boiling point just based on the Season 17 trailer.

Do you agree with Reddit’s take on the Brown family? What else would you add? Be sure to leave your opinions in the comments and stay tuned for more Sister Wives news.

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