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Fans To Meri Brown: Admit It Was An Affair Not Catfishing

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Meri Brown has shared that she is not leaving her plural family any time soon. Despite her marriage to Kody being completely over, she is still wholly committed. However, there was one huge incident that rocked the family to its core. When Meri got catfished, Kody claimed that it truly sealed the fate of their marriage. Despite Meri continuously plating the victim, fans have had enough. They are ready for her to finally come clean and admit that she was actually unfaithful.

Meri Brown Goes Down A Dark Hole

Around the time Meri went on the internet, things were rough in her life. She and Kody had contemplated going through IVF. Plus, fourth wife Robyn had offered to be a surrogate for them. Her infertility issues were something that plagued the couple for a very long time. His second and third wife both gave him six children each. Unfortunately, Meri only had given him one but it was not for a lack of trying. Then, she did something extremely selfless and gave up her title as the sole legal wife.

Meri Brown/TLC

Robyn had been married prior with three children. She had wanted Kody to adopt them but the best way to do it was for her to marry him. Therefore, Meri divorced Kody so he and Robyn could tie the knot. Around this time, Meri admitted to falling down a dark hole and that included finding companionship on the Internet. She thought she had met the perfect man who would be her escape but it turned out, it was a woman and she had done this before. Meri had to rectify her familial relationships but she also played the victim. How could this happen to her? Now fans are over Meri’s sad catfish story and want her to be honest about what she was really doing.

Come Clean, Meri

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the truth behind the catfishing incident. Yes, it is an exhausting storyline and viewers are over it. However, it is believed that the idea of catfishing was just a cover-up. Yes, Meri Brown was deceived but she used it in an attempt to soften the blow of the fact that she was having an affair. “I’m so tired of her calling it a catfish situation. call it what it is it was an affair!!” a Redditor started the thread. It just continued on.

Meri Brown/TLC

  • “An affair that was never consummated.”
  • “She wanted to have an affair. It was a woman she was speaking to. If it had been a man who was interested, she should have left and never looked back. Polygamy by definition is cheating. She doesn’t have a marriage, anyway.”
  • “I think it’s both. Meri was catfished as she thought she was communicating with a man and it turned out to be a woman. That is the definition of a catfish. You’re also correct that she was in the process of having an affair.”

Essentially, because it was never consummated, the idea of an affair is still iffy. However, she was having an emotional affair so there is still that. Either way, what would have happened if the person behind the screen had actually been the man Meri Brown wanted it to be? The world will never know.

What are your thoughts- catfish, affair, or both? Let us know in the comments and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives Septemeber 11 on TLC.

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