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‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Shares Shocking Secret

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OutDaughtered’s favorite Uncle Dale has a shocking secret to share. Adored by both fans and his nieces for his funny demeanor and sunny personality, he has always been a health-focused individual. Given his muscular physique and overall sculpted body, no one would ever doubt that the reality star is dealing with an ongoing health issue. However, it seems like he has really found a solution to his problem. What is it? Keep reading to find out more!

Uncle Dale Talks About His Struggles With Sleep Walking

Dale recently shared an Instagram Story revealing that he suffers from sleepwalking/sleep talking disorder which is also known as Somnambulism.

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In his story, he shared that he has been having trouble sleeping due to the issue. The picture had a cup of health drink alongside the Dream Powder by Beam. This healthy hot cocoa bedtime drink helps patients sleep better and is enriched with the goodness of Nano Hemp.

He captioned the story, “Let’s give this a try. I need all the help I can get to stay asleep… #sleepwalker #sleeptalker.”

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In most cases, the sleeper often has little to no memory of the event. So, it might happen that Dale didn’t realize the issue early on but was made aware of it by his wife or someone from his family. When left unchecked, sleepwalkers can even face injuries from falling or tripping on something.

Uncle Dale Sheds Five Pounds Almost Instantly

The OutDaughtered star recently shared that he shed five pounds almost instantly. But how did he achieve this impossible feat? Well, it has to do with a recent haircut and not an actual body weight loss. He recently went to the Heist Hair Bar for a quick haircut and captioned the post, “Thanks to @_sonniemans for the fresh cut. We took about 5 pounds of hair off today!”

Dale Mills Instagram

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Uncle Dale has always been an important part of TLC’s OutDaughtered. However, the reality show’s Season 8 ended on May 4, 2021, and there hasn’t been another season to date. But fans would absolutely love to watch some more antics of Uncle Dale. Yet, the burning question is, will OutDaughtered be renewed for another season?

Will TLC’s OutDaughtered Return For Season 9?

Well, TLC never really confirmed that the show would return for another season. However, the Busby family patriarch did tease fans with a hint that suggested that some fresh content was on the way soon. Managing their six children definitely takes a toll on the parents. Adam and Danielle Busby had been struggling to balance the production schedule alongside parenting during the pandemic.

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[Source: YouTube]

However, it seems like Adam recently hinted at the possibility of another season. On his YouTube channel, ‘It’s A Buzz World,’ the reality star coyly answered a fan’s question as he said, “We will see what we can figure out.”

Do you wish for OutDaughtered to be renewed for another season? And, do you love Uncle Dale and his funny antics? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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