Uncle Dale Mills Drops Five Pounds In Unexpected Way

Dale Mills from TLC

OutDaughtered fans already know that Uncle Dale really loves fitness and exercise. On Instagram, the TLC personality often posts active outings with the family. In some posts, fans can catch glimpses of his muscular physique.

Although Dale Mills already seems to be in great shape, fans were recently surprised to learn that he quickly dropped another five pounds. What exactly did he do to drop the weight?

Uncle Dale poses for the camera and shows off his new style

Many people start watching OutDaughtered to see what the Busby quints are up to. However, many end up staying for Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi. They may not have starring roles on the show, but the Millses play pretty active roles in the Busby girls’ lives.

So what exactly did Dale Mills mean when he said he instantly dropped five pounds? Some fans are curious, while others are concerned for his health and well-being.

Dale Mills from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

The good news is that Dale dropped the weight safely. According to the TLC personality, it all happened over a haircut!

“Thanks to @_sonniemans for the fresh cut. We took about 5 pounds of hair off today!” Dale Mills captioned his Instagram stories. The TLC star’s new haircut does look as if there is less hair on the side of his head. But did the hair dresser really take off five pounds of hair? According to Uncle Dale, that’s what happened. No matter what the truth is, many fans really like the new style.

Uncle Dale from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

What do you think about Uncle Dale’s new haircut? Be sure to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

When will OutDaughtered come back with a brand new season?

OutDaughtered fans would absolutely love a new season. As much as viewers enjoy watching the girls, they also enjoy Crystal and Dale Mills. Uncle Dale definitely has a special bond with his niece Hazel. Most fans agree that it would be nice to see more of that wholesome relationship onscreen.

So when will fans actually get new episodes?

TLC never officially confirmed that OutDaughtered would return for new episodes. However, Adam Busby seemed to tease fans a bit and hint that new content was on the way soon.

Managing six little girls definitely has its challenges. Adam and Danielle Busby struggled to balance production schedules and parenting during the pandemic. but now, it seems like things might be different.

On his YouTube channel, one fan asked about the possibility of a new season. Adam coyly answered, “We will see what we can figure out.”

Stay tuned for more information on the Busbys and your other favorite reality TV figures. There will be more information to share soon enough.

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