‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Sarah Snider Chimes In On Show ‘Snub’

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Jeopardy! recently announced its lineup for the Second Chance Tournament 2022. It is one of the biggest forthcoming events of the show. And the list of participants was recently revealed on the official website. A total of 18 players didn’t win the game in Season 38. They will return to compete in the game that starts on October 17.

Jeopardy! Season 38 Contestant Robbed Of TV Privileges

However, a contestant recently said that she doesn’t like being ignored by the show before the event. Although this player was selected to partake in the major event, she wasn’t given the same TV privileges as others invited to the show.

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Jeopardy! is currently on a summer break as the filming for Season 39 is on. The time slot has been taken over by the reruns of selected episodes from previous seasons. This will be an ongoing routine until Season 39 premieres on September 12. As per The Sun, Ken Jennings will host the initial four months & the later episodes will be taken over by Mayim Bialik as host.

The game show is currently airing hand-picked episodes from last season & the show makers also shared a lengthy note about these changes.

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“Some of our favorite episodes of the season, featuring our closest games, super-champions, and some of the people who will be announced as part of our inaugural Second Chance competition will be included,” read the note.

Sarah Snider Isn’t A Part Of Jeopardy! Reruns

However, it turns out that by some, they meant all but one. Contestant, Sarah Snider isn’t a part of the rerun. She lost to Mattea Roach during the Canadian tutor’s succeeding game on May 5, 2022. The middle school humanities teacher from Fishers, Indiana, has been invited to be a part of the Second Chance Tournament. All other contestants for the event will have their first episodes re-air as a part of the show’s summer rerun schedule. However, the episode featuring Sarah is missing from this rerun.

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On Tuesday, a Jeopardy! expert wrote on Twitter about this missing episode. They said, “Here’s the #Jeopardy rerun schedule for the rest of the summer, from what I’ve gathered around the internet.”

Attached below the tweet was an image of the TV schedule.

“One odd thing: assuming the last [rerun] episode (September 9) will be Alicia O’Hare, this includes all the Season 38 Second Chance Tournament contestants EXCEPT Sarah Snider (5/5/22),” continued the tweet.

Sadie Goldberger Also Gets A Chance Alongside Sarah Snider

Fans replied in surprise & felt bad that the show just glaringly excluded her from the special summer schedule. However, one defended the show makers and wrote, “They could not have more than four Mattea [Roach] shows on rerun, and that is why.”

Another wrote, “Why couldn’t they? They’re rerunning more than four Amy [Schneider] shows.”

“If their goal was to rerun all the Second Chance Tournament contestants from this season, they could have done so,” mentioned a third.

The players selected for the Second Chance Tournament will return to Culver City to compete in the event. The show will have Ken Jennings as the host and will span over two weeks. Among these contestants is Sadie Goldberger, who fans felt was robbed of a chance to win.

What do you think of Sarah being snubbed from the reruns of Jeopardy!? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. “Jeopardy” should stop and think about Alex and how and what he would do if he were here. The show needs to show respect for Alex Trek and honor his memory. While no one can replace Alex, you can rest assured it isn’t Ken Jennings! He does not have Alex’s demeanor. “Jeopardy’s” lifespan will be short-lived now.

    1. I disagree. Ken Jennings is doing a fantastic job, and is professional despite having had no prior T.V. host experience.
      He id a natural in my opinion and a tribute to Alex Trebek!

  2. Mayim is just as good at hosting as Ken. It’s a push for me.

    Why would they snub a highly intelligent trivia player? Bigotry?

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