Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Gets A Second Chance?

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In a major Jeopardy! reveal, a former contestant will soon get a chance to return to the game after dealing with an unfortunate loss in the game. Since then, fans have demanded that the game show give the contestant a second chance. They even went so far as to demand justice for her unfortunate snub from the show.

But, who is this contestant? What had happened that caused her this ‘painful’ loss?

Read on to find out more!

Jeopardy! Announces 2022 Second Chance Tournament Lineup

On Monday, the game show announced the lineup for the 2022 Second Chance Tournament. It is one of the biggest forthcoming events of the show. Its entire list of participants was recently revealed on its official website. Around 18 players that lost the game in Season 38 will return to compete in the game starting October 17.

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Jeopardy! Season 38 wrapped up on July 31, and Season 39 will have both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as the show’s host sharing duties.

The ones picked to participate in the event will do so over two weeks with the host Ken Jennings. After the news of this new event surfaced, fans are now relieved as one player is finally getting their due.

Former Contestant Sadie Goldberger Slated To Return

On the June 20 episode, contestant Sadie Goldberger was defeated during the Final Jeopardy! round. However, this defeat wasn’t ‘right’ as per the fans. Sadie lost after the episode host Mayim Bialik deemed that her handwritten response was unfinished even if her answer was correct.

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So, it is a relief for fans that Sadie is making a comeback and getting the much-deserved chance to try her luck again in the game show. Excited by the news, fans took to Reddit to share their views.

One wrote, “Happy to see justice for Sadie after the disappointing ending to her game.”

Another agreed, “I really hope that Sadie wins, honestly.”

“Same. It would be a hell of a comeback story,” chimed a third.

“Team Sadie!!!” penned a fourth.

If Sadie triumphs in the event, she would theoretically face off against her victor Megan once again. This year, there will be two champs from the Second Chance Tournament as opposed to its standard practice of picking one. As per The Sun, both the champs will head over to partake in the Tournament of Champions.

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There, the two winners will get a chance to compete against super-champs such as Matt Amodio, Ryan Long, Amy Schenider, & Mattea Roach in November.

Fans Call Out Jeopardy! For Inconsistent Rulings

Although Sadie lost because of her handwriting, fans called out the Jeopardy! team for being inconsistent in their enforcement of the game show’s rules. In a similar incident, another episode hosted by Ken Jennings had a contestant make the same mistake. However, host Ken didn’t see a problem with that.

Reacting to this, a viewer wrote, “Jeopardy, this didn’t count, but then this one did?”

Another tweeted, “I don’t get it either. Jeopardy is pretty inconsistent with their rulings. That should not have been accepted.. the second word isn’t even that legible!”

“I’m trying to figure out their assessments, too,” wrote a third.

Jeopardy! Season 39 is expected to start taping in August and will air from September to January. Host Ken Jennings will first host the show, after which Mayim will take over the remaining episodes in January.

Are you happy with Jeopardy!s decision to give Sadie Goldberger a second chance? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Priyanka Chandrakar


  1. Yes, I agree Sadie should get a 2nd chance.
    This incident should show everyone we need to have one host only. Namely, Ken Jennings.

    1. BORING man with little personality, in my opinion. I taught preschoolers and kindergarteners for 43 years. I recognize social discomfort when I see it!

  2. Good for Sadie. However, my comment is more about the show overall. First, it seems that Jeopardy! is being dumbed down like everything else. The questions are not as hard as they used to be or we’re getting smarter. We hated how the host search was dragged out. But, none of this matters since we have given up watching Jeopardy! when Ken Jennings is the host…no thank you, Ken!

  3. As a specialist in the Child and Human Development field, it is my impression that Ken is socially awkward. He doesn’t seem to enjoy chatting with the players that much. He seems to relax only when he can focus on the game board.

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