Did Jacob Roloff Allow Isabel To Show Son Mateo?

Isabel Roloff, Jacob Roloff Instagram

Did former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff allow his wife, Isabel, to show Mateo in her latest post? Amid their privacy concerns, Isabel gave fans a good look at their eight-month-old son. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what she shared.

Jacob Roloff previously talked about privacy concerns for his son, Mateo.

When Isabel was pregnant with Mateo, Jacob revealed that they would not be posting pictures of their son on social media. They wanted to give him privacy. Since his birth, they have only shared photos of Mateo’s tiny hands or the back of his head. They have not posted a photo of his face and none of their relatives have, either.

Isabel Roloff, Jacob Roloff Instagram

Below, you can see one of the previous photos Isabel posted of her son. As you can see, his face is not shown.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Now, however, Isabel gave fans a better look at the little guy than ever before. Was Jacob Roloff okay with this?

Isabel Roloff gives fans a look at her growing baby boy.

In a new Instagram post, Isabel gave fans a peek at her growing baby boy and shared more of him than ever before. You can see the cute new photo of Mateo below.

As he turned eight months old, his mom excitedly wrote, “Mateo is officially crawling all over and pulling himself up like nobody’s business. Babbling away and constant talking. Working on his wave but taught him how to high five.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Did Jacob Roloff allow this?

Because this new post shows a bit more of Mateo than Isabel and Jacob have in the past, fans may wonder if the new dad is okay with the photo being shared online.

As we reported, Isabel recently opened up about how she and Jacob handle their son’s privacy. In a series of Instagram Stories, she said, “With what Jacob has been through, it was not a surprise to me that this is what he would want. I made peace with it a long time ago and like I said, I am happy with the decision we made as a family.”

She also said, “This comes down to what Jacob is comfortable with. ANY time you see a photo of any part of Mateo on here, I have asked if he is comfortable with it first.”

So, it sounds like Jacob Roloff approved Isabel’s most recent post about Mateo, too.

So, do you think Jacob Roloff approved this new photo of Mateo? Do you enjoy getting little peeks at him? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

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