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Jacob Roloff Shares SAD News On Isabel’s Pregnancy & The Baby 

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Jacob Roloff had a sad update to share with LPBW fans regarding his wife Isabel’s pregnancy and their unborn baby. The sad but understandable news was buried in the comments of his most recent Instagram post. So, for those who do not open up the posts and read the comments… This update was easy to miss. What did Jacob Roloff have to say about Isabel’s pregnancy and the baby that was so sad for fans? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Little People Big World - Jacob Roloff - Isabel Roloff
Little People Big World – Jacob Roloff – Isabel Roloff

His recent posts towards his wife have been extremely loving

Jacob Roloff’s last few posts have been doting on his beautiful wife Isabel. At first glance, it is hard to believe that either of these sweet posts could have bad news hidden in them. As those who follow the couple on social media know, they recently celebrated their anniversary. Isabel Roloff has been sharing tons of pictures and video clips from their wedding. LPBW fans have gushed about how beautiful the photos and videos have been.

Little People Big World Isabel and Jacob Roloff
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Jacob Roloff had a sad update on the baby

Jacob Roloff admits he appreciated all of the sweet words and kind comments about his beautiful pregnant wife and their unborn baby. He, however, had an update to share with Little People, Big World fans. And, this was an update he knew would not be well-received by those who follow him. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing there is nothing physically wrong with their baby. As far as fans know, both Isabel and the baby are in pristine health.

So, if nothing is physically or medically wrong with Isabel and the baby… What was the sad update? Well, the saddening news was what Jacob had to say about the baby. Jacob noted that no one online would ever get to “see” their baby boy.

Thank you thank you for friendly comments however none of you (online) will ever ‘see’ my son it is, specifically, not personal.”

Isabel’s husband made it clear the decision to keep their son off social media was nothing personal. It just wasn’t something Jacob or Isabel felt comfortable doing. Given what happened to Jacob when he was a child and the fact that they want nothing to do with the reality TV series… It makes sense that they would want to keep their child out of the spotlight.

Jacob Roloff Instagram
Jacob Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans react to the sad news about the baby

In his comments, most fans admit they understood and respected his decision to keep the child out of the spotlight. Fans, however, did admit they were sad by the decision even if they understood. Understandably, fans were looking forward to seeing the beautiful baby Isabel and Jacob created together.

Are you bummed that fans will never get to see Jacob and Isabel Roloff’s baby? Do you understand why they made this decision? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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  1. Congratulations to Jacob and Isobel on the upcoming birth of their baby boy. No one can fault parents for making choices that are to keep their children healthly and safe. Good for you both on doing what you want. More congrats to Tori and Zach about their new home in Washington. The pictures are beautiful and the kids will have so much land I love it !!!!

  2. Yeah good luck with that. Famous or not (was he ever really famous to start) trying to keep anyone off social media is a difficult task and a losing battle. Heck my kids once ended up on a pamphlet for a local nature trail. That was weird.

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