‘The View’ Ana Navarro Shares Her ‘Loss’ On Latest Trip

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The View host Ana Navarro opens up about an emotional loss while enjoying the time she has left with her father. The talk show host shared a collection of photos of a vacation she recently took with her father and her husband. At the start of her photo collection, she featured a photo of herself embracing her husband in a sideway hug. Her post included a lot of other photos of their vacation.

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Things got a bit emotional in the caption of her post, however. She opened up about loss as she and her father both felt like her late mother found a way to join them on this vacation.

The View: Ana Navarro talks loss, spends time with father

Ana Navarro took to Instagram to share photos of her recent trip with her father. She tells her followers that she makes an effort to spend as much time as she can with her father because she knows time is precious. Within her post, Ana also took a moment to share a sweet shoutout to her husband. She penned that she appreciated how supportive her husband was in giving her the time she needed to be with her father. It meant the world to her that they could bring her father along on this trip to Spain.

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Every time I come here, my love for Spain grows. I think it’s the best seafood in the world. This time is made more special because we brought my dad along.”

Ana Navarro explained that her father has had a pretty “rough time” these past few years. So, she wanted to do what she could to bring joy back to his life. And, having the opportunity to bring him with her husband on vacation to Spain was one way to do just that.

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Was her mother traveling with them?

The View host revealed that both she and her father felt like her late mother had found a way to go on this vacation with them. They took comfort in knowing she was watching over them.

She explained: “Both yesterday and today, we’ve run smack into my mom’s name on the streets of Madrid. Yesterday, we happened into a statue of ‘La Violetera’ and today, we drove by a store called, “La Violeta”. I’d like to think she’s letting me know she’s happy we are together.”


In the comments, her followers reassured her these instances were not coincidences. They believed Ana’s mother was letting them know she was still with them.

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