‘The View’ Surprising Facts About Co-Host Ana Navarro

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Emmy nominee Ana Navarro made headlines and became a household name after she strongly criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on CNN. From being a political commentator at NBC News to co-hosting at The View, the 50-year-old has done it all. So, who really is Ana Navarro? What are her lesser-known secrets?

Let us take a look at some of the surprising facts about Ana you must know.

Ana Navarro was born on December 28, 1971, to a wealthy land-owning Nicaraguan family. The family moved to Florida in 1980, citing political turmoil. However, her father stayed behind to continue fighting beside the Contras against the Sandinista government.

Ana Navarro Joins The View As A Permanent Co-Host

The political strategist graduated from the University of Miami in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies & Political Science.

Ana Navarro YouTube

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As a member of the Republican Party, she has worked on campaigns for Jon Huntsman Jr., John McCain, and Jeb Bush. In 2014, Ana joined ABC News as a political commentator. She also started appearing regularly on CNN around the same time to discuss the headlines and current events.

She also repeatedly contributed to The View between July 2013 and August 2018. Later on, in 2018, she was promoted to a weekly guest co-host on the show. On August 4, 2022, The View officially declared her as the permanent co-host for the show alongside Alyssa Farah Griffin, replacing former co-host Meghan McCain.

What Is The View’s Co-Host Ana Navarro’s Net Worth?

Given her popularity on TV, time and again, fans have wondered how much is Ana Navarro’s net worth. As per The Sun, she is worth $3 Million. The political analyst has been nominated twice for an Emmy for her work on The View in 2020 & again in 2022. She was nominated alongside Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, and Sunny Hostin for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host.

Ana Navarro YouTube

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In 2019, Ana got married in Miami to lobbyist and lawyer Al Cárdenas. However, the couple announced their engagement months earlier, on October 11, 2018.

Talking about her wedding, the TV strategist told, “I feel full of love and surrounded by love.”

“He treats me like I’m a princess, he treats me with so much love and respect… I like everything about him,” she continued.

Her husband Al chimed in, sharing the sentiments, and said, “We’re just a perfect match, and she truly is my best friend.”

“She’s earned every ounce of my love. It’s just hard to express my happiness,” he continued.

Ana Navarro YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Their near and dear ones attended the wedding ceremony such as Gloria Estefan, Eva Longoria, Mitt Romney, Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper.

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Allie Johnson


  1. Anna is a big mouth. She will never ever replace Meghan McCain!
    Whoopi, another big mouth. Who cares what she thinks? She has no political experience. She just states her own Democrat views. It is disrespectful that she calls President Trump “ you know who!” So disrespectful.
    Joy, another big mouth. Who cares what she thinks? She has no political experience. She just recites her own Democrat views.
    Sunny, another big mouth. She thinks she “is all that” and “knows all that.” Again it’s just her point of view.
    Sara, one-sided Democrat also with an annoying voice.
    Meaghan always had a responding point of view. Of course, she was outnumbered. Why not put some smart Republicans in there to brain storm their views. Judge Jeanine? Dana Perino? Dagan McDowell? Kimberly Guilfoyle?

    1. I love Anna how she is very out spoken so is joy Whoopi and sonny love ❤️ them all whenever they say Anna’s name iam so happy cause I know we are goin to get it like it is

      1. I love the ladies, I just don’t want to hear anymore about how a 74 year old man wants sex ALL THE TIME!

    2. First of her name is A-naaaa, not Anna! I think she is a breath of fresh air on The View and tells it like it is both there and on CNN. I love her personality. You have a right to your opinion, albeit, misguided. I was thrilled when she joined The View. One of my biggest beefs is her co-hosts calling her ANNA. She is either Latina or Hispanic and THAT’S how her first name is pronounced.

  2. The original “The View” should be renamed “The Democratic View.”
    Otherwise you should add a one on one Republican to each Democrat and rename it “The Democrat/Republican View.”
    You also need a new moderator. A fair one.

  3. Love her even though she’s a republican ,she has the good sense to see Donald Trump for what he is. She’s a great addition to the view.

  4. I love, love, love Ana!!! I don’t know why ABC didn’t offer her a permanent job at The View sooner. I find her intelligent, opinionated and funny as hell. Like I said, should have offered her a permanent seat at the table along time ago. Good luck! Ana Keep us informed and laughing.

  5. You are the best ,stay with us . I’m a true Democrat but still enjoy you very much with the other gals !!

  6. I love Ana but hate Joys rudeness, cutting her off in the middle of sentences, etc. It’s called being extremely rude. She should know better and is very inappropriate.

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