‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Sets Rude Joy Behar Straight

Ana Navarro from The View

The View fans have pretty strong opinions on the hosts, one way or another. However, many viewers aren’t huge fans of Joy Behar or her attitude. And it seems the viewers aren’t the only ones who think that either.

Ana Navarro has quite a large following online and fans were thrilled when she was announced as the newest cohost on The View. But it seems lately, she’s had quite enough of Joy Behar as well. She decided it was time to set the commentator straight.

Drama erupts on The View after Ana Navarro’s big announcement

For quite some time, fans of The View have really wanted Ana Navarro to be a permanent cohost on the talk show. And now, that’s finally happened. Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Ana Navarro will fill the empty seat left by Meghan McCain.

The View from ABC
The View/ABC

After the official announcement was made on the show, Whoopi Goldberg told Ana Navarro she “had the floor” to say whatever she wanted.

“After many years, many hairstyles, many pounds up and down and appearances as a guest, a contributor, Snow White, a guest co-host, we’re finally putting a ring on it and making it official,” Navarro began. She went on to thank a list of people who helped her secure a permanent spot on the show.

During the list, Joy Behar cut her off and attempted to correct her pronunciation of a person’s name. Navarro kept moving on, but viewers could audibly hear Behar continuing to speak.

“Let me do my thing, may I?” Ana Navarro snapped at Joy Behar. The other cohorts awkwardly laughed while Behar offered a quick apology. It was incredibly quick but drew the attention of audience members right away. Is this a glimpse of what’s to come in the future of The View?

Meghan McCain also took issue with Joy Behar’s comments

Ana Navarro’s scrape with Joy Behar definitely isn’t the first time that the 79-year-old commentator has butted heads with her cohosts. Meghan McCain actually revealed she opted to leave the show after one of Behar’s comments.

The View: Joy Behar Nightmare Near Death Experience [The View | YouTube]
Joy Behar/The View
The Sun reports that Behar was extremely harsh with McCain after she came back from her maternity leave.

“I finally went back to the show, and the day I went back to the show, Joy Behar said on air, ‘Nobody missed you, we didn’t miss you, you shouldn’t have come back.’ And I just… I started hysterically crying. Sorry gentlemen, I know, I started lactating on air and I started crying,” McCain said about the situation.

Do you think Joy Behar was right to correct Ana Navarro or should she have let it go? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and share what you think with others. Stay tuned for more information on The View and other daytime talk shows.

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  1. Joy is always interrupting cutting off conversations. She makes me a little crazy cause I would really like to hear others opinions.
    I know Whoopi has some fans complaining about her but I don’t see anything she’s doing wrong. I always say, if you’re not happy with any of these ladies, change the channel cause not all of us feel same.

  2. Oh please!! I love Joy! She just says what she feels. And she is a prior teacher! I have two relatives that are teachers and are constantly correcting!! I just laugh it off! So don’t make it bigger than it is!! I love Sonny but but she never represented the Latinos/Hispanics! Even though Sonny is a blacktina she never represented!! As for Megan, she was rude and interrupted everyone! Always trying to over talk everyone! She just whines and rides on the pants of her father, whom I loved! She does not deserve to be a talk show host on The View!! Just disappointed with the producers Ana Navarro was never offered the position sooner! And don’t understand why Alyssa was offered a position along side Ana! Alyssa in my thoughts she will always be a Trumpian!! Never trust in her information!

      1. The shows just liberal garbage. You could put Jesus Christ on the panel and I’m still never watching that trash.

      2. I agree with this statement. Joy is a loudmouth who needs to learn manners. I always thought she is a stuck up snob. I can’t stand her.

      3. I totally agree! Can’t stomach either one of these ladies! If you don’t agree with them, then you’re wrong! Ugh!

      4. I haven’t watched for years because of the 2 of them. I remember when they were both funny comedians then they became 2 nasty commentators. Please take them off the air.

    1. Lordy…you trust the women on the view. Propaganda through and through. Just look at how they treated an event with Trump and Sa.e event with Biden. Their role is to brainwash people, apparently they are doing their job. I am not a fan of Trump but even I noticed the difference.

    2. BS She is no teacher. A teacher would be fired for cutting off a colleague or a student. She’s a leftist bully. Period.

    3. Love Joy if you don’t like her turn her off and watch something else. They complain about the View all the time. Love Whoopi and all the hosts. Great show!

    4. If you listen to Lyin Biden you deserve to watch the View. Why not have an equal number of Republicans and idiots, I mean democrats on the show.

    5. I think Joy is too big for her britches. She thinks she is the boss of everyone. To me, she’s just plane loud and dumb. I used to watch the view when it started way back when. It started as a classy and balanced women’s talk show. It has gone steadily downhill. It is now like Jerry Springer- just a few obnoxious gals spouting their own agenda. It’s too bad- it makes women look bad. There are WAY better people to host this show. I miss Barbara and Meredith- they had class.

    6. Isn’t she (Alyssa) supposed to represent the conservative point of view? So, only conservatives who hate Trump, are to be chosen for a seat on the View? Some view that is…one sided I would say.

    7. Have you even watched the show? Joy is a complete psycho! She’s rude, nasty, bossy and thinks she’s hot $hit! I have watched the show from the beginning and had to stop years ago because of her. When everyone has a problem with you then you need to look in the mirror.

      1. Joy is an unladylike, bossy bully. At almost 80 years old, she’s not going to change, but it’s not the way to look at that stage of life. It’s hard to fathom how her husband and children can even stand her.

    8. So you’re of the opinion that if they don’t agree with you then they’re wrong? Every view should be heard and even Trumpians as you called her. ITS HER OPINION.

  3. This show should be canceled and the whole cast should be fired. All the hosts are horrible people. No respect to anything and anyone..

    1. awww someone cant handle others having different opinions. Let me guess..You dont believe in canceling unless its a Liberal, homosexual or any LGBTQ+, or anyone that disagrees with you lol.

      1. And apparently you can’t handle someone having a different opinion then you do. Funny, you are condemning this person for something you, yourself can’t handle.

        1. Dear Tina, That would be, “You can’t handle someone having a different opinion THAN not THEN you!

    2. LOL! Yea, understand those women annoy you! You don’t want to hear any other opinions other than what you believe! They are a number 1 viewership program! Way more hear them than False Fox News! Please watch them and at least hear what they have to say! It is a source of information you really need?

  4. I think Joey Behar is a stupid ignorant pig and should be thrown off the show….I would watch the View if you got rid of Whoppie and Joey

  5. That woman doesn’t have the right to breathe much less interrupting and correcting someone else on air. She’s rude and cruel and needs to be muzzled!

  6. Joy Behar is one of the most rude and obnoxious people I have heard of. She is disrespectful to her coworkers in front of a public audience without a thought about it. If she was in a private office, she would be let go for the verbal abuse she directs upon others.
    Why does ABC put up with this? She can’t be an asset to your ratings!

  7. Get rid of whoopy and joy they are all troublemakers enjoy things at all she’s a b**** and everybody knows it

  8. I haven’t been able to watch in years because of Joy. She is so rude to everyone. Sounds like nothing has changed. Not sure how it’s still on.

    1. Same here .
      Joy is the reason I stopped watching years ago also. Just so extremely rude, mean and continually talks over anyone with an opposing view.

  9. Believe me, there have been hosts that I don’t like. But why should they be fired when I can just opt not to watch? I do it all the time with other genres. Doesn’t everyone?

  10. I have never like Joy’s personality and rudeness. This is why I don’t watch the show, she thinks she is always right. Now that Ana is on, I will be watching, I love Ana. Joy should not have corrected Ana and I am so happy, Ana put her in her place. Everyone knew who Ana was talking about, she did not need Joy to pitch in. Joy needs to leave, she is 79 or 80, its time to go Joy!!

  11. Joy Behar is a disgrace to women. She needs to move to another country. Get the F out of USA Joy. We don’t want you or LIKE. You are a sorry excuse for a women!!!

  12. They need two more conservatives. They just want to gang up on her. Sunny is the biggest racist. They should get rid of Joy, Whoopie, and Sunny. I wouldn’t watch that show if they paid me.

  13. The level of disrespect and extreme rudeness by Joy and Whoopi is beyond disgusting. You have to agree with them because they have no desire to accept opposing views. They have a god complex and need a true reality check. Ugly souls these two!

  14. This show has run its course the ppl on it are the worst I have seen in a longtime. Isn’t it hard enough to know the world is going to hell and then have a show that all they do is argue and bicker about every little detail. I don’t understand how the shows stay on they should all be removed and shut down. But again this a crap show so it stays on. What is wrong with joy is she even human? Like what makes her better then the rest. She should take her face and retire. Like who does she really think she is what has she done to make the world a better place? Like what has any of them done? Shut it down fired them all I say the show sucks badly. Like why are they still on the air. The show is Racist, idiotic not intelligent at all. Just a bunch of idiots on the air. Like what does it take to get canceled!!

  15. Joy proves that one can know so little yet be so loud. There’s a huge difference between “speaking your mind” and being an arrogant, impolite train wreck of a human.

  16. I was so happy to see both Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Ana Navarro walk out as new co-host on Friday. I also liked Meghan McCain and sad she felt she needed to leave. They all bring a different perspective to topics to allow me to rethink my opinions. Joy has a propensity to interrupt and continues to talk over other hosts after she has already voice her opinion. It’s rude and shows her lack of respect of guests and co-hosts. The View more enjoyable the days Joy takes off. The day I saw and listened to Hasselbeck last week I turned off the TV, and would have only watched The View on her off days. Looking forward to season 26 with Woopie, Sara, Sunny, Alyssa, and Ana

  17. Joy and Whoppi are both worthless bags of hot air and think the world revolves around them. Get ride of them both!

  18. They seriously need to get rid of Joy, whoopi and sunny. They are the rudest. That show has continued to go downhill for years. When it first started, I loved it but haven’t watched in years because of the rude, accepted behavior and the bias when it comes to politics. Yes, everyone can have their own opinions, but when one person is attacked by everyone else on that panel for their opinion then something is wrong. The show is a joke.

  19. Look people it is called the view everyone should have their on opinion all the shows are same don’t watch get over it get a life grow up duhhhhhhhh.

  20. Whoopi and Joy spread negativity. It’s time to replace them with hosts that are more positive. If they’re replaced then I’ll start watching the show.

  21. Joy Behar’s loud and obnoxious behavior may be fine for New Yorkers but in other parts of this country we prefer civility and good manners.

  22. The network should fire all of them and cancel the show. An elephant documentary is more educational and interesting.

  23. I wish more people would snap back at Joy and Whoopie both and knock them down a few pegs. They are both rude, entitled, people that cannot stand people who do not believe as they do. It sickens me that this is allowed to go on in front of millions of viewers. What a terrible example you are setting.

  24. Sunny is a bigger offender than Joy or Whoopi! She continues talking when another cohost tries to voice their opinion, takes umbrage with any conservative that disagrees with her, positions her back to a conservative host as if they’re not worthy of her presence. She is a 50+ woman that acts like a 10 year old when talking about behavioral issues. These women are all endowed with big egos and feel that their opinions are right. Joy reminds me of the braggert/bully from school and Whoopi is the elderly state’s-women trying to hold order and still convey a sensible response to controversial topics. Ana’s responses are generally too long with numerous examples that take up too much time and don’t allow enough time for others to speak on the topic. It’s my opinion that the show would be better served by a little more decorum and a lot less impropriety!!

  25. I don’t watch the show and never will. I don’t like Joy or Whoopie. I think they both are very ignorant people and I choose not to watch. I think the show as a whole is a disgrace to the human race.

  26. I happen to like the view. Don’t care for talk shows with much taln take care of ththemdelbesk about celebrators. To much fluff I call it. The cast of the view is fine, I like strong ladies opinions. They all can take care of themselves when giving their opinions

  27. Joy and Whoppi are both rude and condescending and don’t really add anything to the show anymore. Time to move them off the show and for the show to move on.

  28. I think it’s time for Joy to move on. As she’s aging she’s getting crotchety, rude. My feeling is that is the reason for hiring 2 more hosts. One to replace Meghan and one to replace Joy. 👏👏

  29. Joy is anything but joyful. She needs to take a hike off the show. She never has anything good to say about anything or anyone.There would certainly less problems with her gone.

  30. I used to watch the View religiously, until the show became more of a punching ring, with all the shots being thrown by Whoopi and Joy. They are rude and tasteless with their comments, and think they are the only ones with an opinion. I’m sick of their arrogance, and bullish style, so they are no longer on my watch list!

  31. I don’t watch the show but I believe Joy correcting her was not called for. Embarrassing for her bad manners interrupting and couldn’t control her mouth like a child raising their hands knowing the answer. I’m sure she just wants the attention at all costs.

  32. Hold the phone… this show isn’t a comedy.. I thought it was full of satire and that’s why they had comedians as the host.. you mean this show is for real??? If it is then I wish they would use their platform to give their view and discuss current events.. like don’t waste our time bashing Trump and talk more about what this administration has done and what they have accomplished and maybe let us know what they agree or disagree about policy’s from this administration. Put the politics of dems and reps aside and talk about the issues of like maybe help our leaders to solve the border crisis.. there shouldn’t be a vacation until they have what is needed to in place for the immigrants coming in.. jobs housing schools medical care transportation .. let’s talk about getting an accounting from the administration reconcile the. Books.. no more money allocated in bills for new spending until all these expenditures like ppp stimulus money’s given for ramp and all the other giveaways been audited see where the money went and to whom and how was it used. Use the 87000 new irs to audit government spending and follow the paper trail before we worry about tax payers..

  33. Well, I do watch The View. There was a time when I never went there – particularly when Meghan was there. Meghan is a very bright young woman, but she never knew when to stop talking. She would go on forever if allowed. I do learn a lot about our political climate and I’m not a “Political Person” at all. Joy doesn’t bother me at all. Now I don’t think she should have interrupted/corrected Ana – that is just rude on her part. But so much of what she says I think can be taken with a grain of salt – she is a comedian! Joy does feel that she looks good for a 79er and that’s because she does. Whoopie on the other hand needs to learn how to eat food. I noticed during the Bahama segments where they served food – only remember one day actually, Whoopi was shoveling it in, but instead of closing her mouth while chewing, her mouth was open and all you saw was ground up food being tossed around. I don’t feel that any of the ladies should be fired because I do learn a lot from each. So glad Hasselbeck has not shown back up. She is a real motor mouth and gives a smirky look when someone disagrees with her. Very arrogant.

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