’SW‘ Fans Vote: Was Christine Brown Ever Happy With Kody?

Christine Brown from TLC

Was Christine Brown really ever happy as Kody’s wife? The Sister Wives star grew up in a polygamist sect. As a result, she believed that’s what she wanted for her own life too. She genuinely seemed to love all of the Brown family’s children and made strong friendships with the other wives. But was she really happy?

Now that Sister Wives fans know that Christine ultimately leaves the family, they aren’t so sure that she was ever happy at all. Keep reading to see what fans online had to say.

Redditors weigh in on Christine Brown’s mental health

The Sister Wives section of Reddit rarely holds back, especially when it comes to the way Kody Brown treats his wives. And now, Redditors are debating whether or not Christine was ever truly happy as part of the sister wives group.

Christine Brown from TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

“Was she ever happy with her marriage with Kody and this kind of lifestyle? Personally, I don’t think she was. Although she probably wouldn’t leave Kody if Robyn didn’t come into picture, polygamy wasn’t really good choice for her,” one Redditor wrote. “I think that she only choose it because she grew up in polygamist family and because she was into Kody who was already married and wanted to have multiple wives, but polygamy doesn’t really suit her well, and the main reason why I think so is the fact that she called herself ‘basement wife.’ She lived in basement when only her, Janelle and Meri were married to Kody and she still didn’t like her life.”

In response, many Redditors also didn’t think that Christine was really happy overall. However, they also didn’t believe she hated every second of being a sister wife.

Christine Brown from TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

“I think Christine probably ‘thought’ she was happy for glimpses but only because she had nothing to compare her life to. I think she genuinely loves and enjoyed being the primary caregiver,” another Redditor replied.

Many of the Brown family children said throughout the show that Christine was always their caregiver and they felt attached to her.

“I imagine she was very happy raising her children and playing such a large role in raising all the others, but in her actual relationship with Kody (and from the cruel things he said about her) I can’t imagine that it was ever very fulfilling,” someone else added.

Did the TLC star predict the end of her marriage?

Of course, this definitely wouldn’t be the first time Redditors weighed in on the breakdown of Christine’s marriage. In another recent thread, many Sister Wives viewers believed that the TLC star knew her marriage was ended even 10 years ago.

Do you believe that Christine Brown ever found happiness in her marriage? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments. Sister Wives Season 17 comes to TLC on September 11, so stay tuned for more stories about the Browns.

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