Christine Brown Knew 10 Years Ago What Was To Come?

Christine Brown from TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has always known that there were problems in her marriage to Kody. However, it’s abundantly clear that things are going to reach a boiling point during Season 17.

In a new teaser for the upcoming season, fans watched Kody absolutely lose his head and shout at Christine in front of the other wives. Now, fans online believe that Christine always knew the family fallout would happen sooner or later. See what’s being said.

Redditors believe Christine Brown saw the end coming

After more than 25 years of marriage and six children together, Christine Brown finally decided to leave Kody for good. Over the last several seasons, Sister Wives viewers watched the family patriarch continuously put Christine down and gaslight her. Ultimately, she chose to stick up for herself and leave the family.

“Christine has been saying it for 10 years,” one Redditor announced online. They shared a video clip of Christine from the early days of Sister Wives. In the video, Christine says that she believes Kody spends too much time focusing on Robyn’s needs. As a result, her marriage with Kody was really suffering.

The clip is several years old, but many viewers believe that was a premonition of things to come in 2021 and 2022.

Christine Brown from TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

“Yessssssss! She called it from the beginning!!” another Redditor replied.

“Yep. And Kody’s response was to guilt and shame her and tell her that she wasn’t committed to the family,” the OP replied.

Robyn married Kody back in Season 1 and it really seemed to shake up the family dynamic. Christine even admitted she struggled to accept Robyn into the family, especially since she was pregnant with Truely during the courtship.

Fans feel sad that Christine stuck around and put up with Kody’s actions for another 10 years. But even so, it’s very clear that Christine knew what she was going to be up against. Thankfully, she finally chose to put herself first and not accept poor treatment from Kody any longer.

TLC teases moments from Season 17

TLC recently put out a new trailer to get fans interested in the upcoming Season 17 premiere. However, some of the footage was a little unsettling. In the video, Kody Brown explodes at his wives, including Christine, and says that they’ve been “persecuting” him for trying to protect the family during the pandemic. He alleges that he made so many sacrifices for the good of his and Christine’s marriage before storming off.

Kody Brown - Robyn youtube
Sister Wives/TLC

Fans hope that Christine Brown will get a chance to share her full side of the story. But after watching the family break down for 16 seasons, fans have no doubt at all that Christine had plenty of reasons to leave. The question is, will any of her sister wives follow in her shoes?

Check back for more information on Sister Wives Season 17.

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