Rivers Waldrop Is ‘Sad’ For Big Brother Saylor

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop, Saylor Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Rivers Waldrop is getting emotional while thinking about her big brother, Saylor. The little girl admitted that she felt sad for her oldest brother. But why? Keep reading to get all of the details and see what Rivers is talking about.

Though the Waldrops are no longer on TLC, mom Courtney keeps fans up to date on their lives via social media. She’s always posting new pictures and videos of the kids. She captures the crazy moments, the cute moments, and everything in between.

Thanks to social media, fans have had a chance to keep up with the whole family. The Waldrop kids are growing up quickly. Just recently, the sextuplets started attending pre-K.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop, Saylor Waldrop

And now, Rivers Waldrop is letting her mom know why she feels so sad for her older brother, Saylor. Courtney couldn’t help but capture the precious moment and share it with her many social media followers.

Rivers Waldrop reveals why she feels sad for Saylor.

On Instagram, Courtney recently posted a video of one of her daughters, Rivers. In the video, Rivers is talking about twins and sextuplets. Courtney notes that Rivers pronounces “sextuplet” as “sixtuppilet.”

In the video, Courtney asks Rivers if she likes being a sextuplet, and the little girl says yes.

When Courtney asks who is a twin in their family, Rivers knows that Wales and Bridge are twins. They continue talking about this and Rivers questions whether Saylor is a twin.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop, Saylor Waldrop

Courtney points out to Rivers that Saylor is just all by himself and that he does not have a twin. Rivers says, “But that’s sad. That’s sad.”

Then, Rivers Waldrop explains to her mom that it’s sad to not have a twin. It looks like Rivers feels bad for her oldest brother.

In her caption, Courtney wrote, “But the part that got me was when she almost started crying when we were talking about Saylor not having a multiple…she said ‘That’s Sad😢’ bless her little heart!!”

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop, Saylor Waldrop

Also in the video, Courtney explains to Rivers that many people don’t have twins or sextuplets and that most people just have one child at a time.

You can watch the new video here.

So, what do you think of this new video of Rivers Waldrop? Do you love how much she cares about her siblings? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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