Eric Waldrop Calls 911 & Courtney ‘Thanks Lord’ For Firefighters

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Eric Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets found himself in an uncomfortable situation that forced him to call 911 and reach out to firefighters for help. Courtney shared a video of their curious little sextuplets standing outside at a safe distance from the fire as they waited for help to arrive. Courtney Waldrop’s update on the situation came to an end with her valuing putting “safety first” and thanking the Lord for firefighters.

What exactly caught on fire? Keep reading for all the details and some photo updates from Courtney and Eric Waldrop.

Eric and Courtney Waldrop YouTube

Eric Waldrop calls 911, Courtney ‘thanks the lord’ for firefighters

Courtney Waldrop shared a pretty scary video on her Instagram Stories featuring the sextuplets standing outside in a line. In a caption attached to the video, she explained they were patiently waiting for the arrival of some firefighters/firetrucks. The sextuplets were stirring with excitement as they pointed and looked off to the distance where sirens could be heard getting closer and closer to the property.

Courtney Waldrop proceeded to explain her husband was working on their land. There was a brush fire. Eric became uncomfortable with the size of the brush fire and decided to reach out to the fire department for help putting it out before it became a scary or dangerous situation. Courtney had all of the sextuplets with her as they proceeded to get a bit closer to where the firemen were working on the brush fire.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

The former TLC mom noted her children were absolutely fascinated by the work the firemen were doing to put out the brush fire. Eric Waldrop approached his family and confirmed he made the decision to call for help because the fire was growing to an uncomfortable size.

Courtney Waldrop “thanked the Lord” for firefighters and doted on the importance of putting safety first. Thanks to Eric taking charge of the potentially dangerous situation, they were able to get the fire out before the entire field burned.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans miss seeing more of the Waldrops

Sadly, the Sweet Home Sextuplets family no longer makes appearances on TLC (outside of reruns of old episodes). Courtney and Eric Waldrop, however, do the best they can to share updates from time to time on their Instagram profile. These updates come in the form of videos, Instagram Stories, and photos with lengthy details in the captions. Fans were saddened by the couple’s decision to walk away from reality TV. They, however also respected their right to privacy. Moreover, fans were just happy Eric and Courtney continued to share some windows into the lives of their children via social media.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

How do you think Eric and Courtney Waldrop felt after being in a situation that required the help of firefighters? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Waldrop family.

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