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‘Sister Wives’: Were The Brown Babies Planned Or ‘God’s Will’?

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The Sister Wives ladies pride themselves on having a lot of children. That has actually been a longstanding issue for Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri. She was unable to give him more than one child so she almost always felt like an outcast. In a more recent season, his fourth wife, Robyn chatted about possibly having more kids. However, it was an uncomfortable conversation as he was uncertain if he was too old. Yet he knew she was his last chance at being able to make more babies. Now fans have started to wonder if all of the Brown babies were actually strategically planned out or if it was ‘God’s will.’

The Sister Wives Started With 12 Children

When the show started in 2010, it was only Meri, Janelle, and Christine. At the time, they had a total of twelve children. However, Christine was expecting their thirteenth. Kody was off pursuing his fourth wife Robyn who already had three kids from her previous marriage. He had initially married Meri in 1990 and then followed that up with a wedding to Janelle in 1993.

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Meri, Christine

The following year, he married Christine but shortly after, Janelle had their first child. She would go on to have a total of six children. Christine also bottomed out at six children. Yet, while she was pregnant with her last baby, Truely, she noted she was not completely done. She was thirty-seven so her age played a factor in the decision-making.

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Janelle, Robyn

As for Meri, she wanted to have more children but was only able to have one. IVF was an option when her kid was a teenager but she was struggling with Kody plus she was older. Finally, she decided against it. Robyn had two biological kids with Kody plus he adopted her three. Then, she shared she might want more in recent years. Yet, how does babymaking work? Is it planned or do they leave it up to their God?

How Are The Babymaking Choices Made?

Sister Wives fans were very curious as to how the Brown women made the decision to procreate. Kody had his wives on a rotation but was that when they planned to try for their children? Or did they just leave it up to a higher power? A Reddit thread was started to debate this subject and there were a lot of differing opinions.

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  • “My gut says: Willy Nilly.”
  • “Spirit Babies. Their religion believes the babies you are supposed to have in your life already exist in the spirit realm, and it’s your job to bring them to earth.”
  • “They made a point very early on that each wife chooses how many kids they have so they must have birth control?”
  • “I think the OG wives just let it happen but I 100% believe Robyn tracks her cycle and planned her pregnancies.”
  • “If they have any sort of control my gut says this family is a “rhythm method” kinda family.”
  • “I don’t know about planning for babies, but Wikipedia says their branch of Mormon fundamentalism, the AUB, ‘allows sexual relations apart from the strict purpose of procreation.'”

So, it seems everyone is really torn as to how this all works for the family. With Kody and Meri, they did seem very much in love at the beginning whereas he and Janelle were more business. As for Christine, he learned to love her so there was probably some chemistry in that situation. Finally, he has definitely favored Robyn from the beginning so there is no doubt making babies is not a chore. Maybe as more time goes by, his estranged wife, Christine will open up about her time with the family.

What are your thoughts? Let us know and watch the new season of Sister Wives on September 11 on TLC.

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