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How Much Longer Will ‘Seinfeld’ Stay On Netflix?

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Seinfeld is a sitcom staple of 90s television. Since the series came to Netflix, more people have had access to it. But just how long is it going to stay on Netflix?

Seinfeld fans have a little bit longer to enjoy the show on Netflix

The good news is that Netflix subscribers will get to rewatch Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer for a while longer. What’s On Netflix reports that the popular 90s comedy will stream exclusively on Netflix until at least 2026. After that, Seinfeld will reportedly leave Netflix unless the platform can strike up a new deal to get rights to the show.

Seinfeld from NBC

Before the series came to Netflix, the streaming platform Hulu held rights to the show from 2015-2021. In late 2019, Netflix reportedly offered half a billion dollars for streaming rights, starting in 2021. The deal is reportedly good for five years, which means it will expire in 2026.

But there’s more good news to share. What’s On Netflix reports that Seinfeld is more popular on Netflix than it ever was on Hulu. If this trend continues, Netflix will probably pay to keep Seinfeld in its streaming library.

Seinfeld from NBC

Netflix previously lost rights to popular binge-worthy shows like Friends and The Office. If the streaming platform wants to keep subscribers, it knows it needs to keep rights to shows that have pretty heavy traffic like Seinfeld. In recent years, Netflix has continuously looked for ways to increase revenue. Hanging onto one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s may be one of its last chances to keep revenue streams up.

What are the show’s stars up to now?

Even after all these years, Jerry Seinfeld has a pretty large fanbase. Netflix recognizes that and wants to capitalize on his success. The streaming platform is also creating a new movie with him entitled Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story. His comedy career seems to be pretty healthy and strong.

Likewise, his costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears in plenty of movies and television shows. Jason Alexander made an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial back in 2021, which left many fans desperately wanting a hoodie with his face on it.

Michael Richards still makes a handful of movie and television appearances, but his career took a nosedive after the Laugh Factory incident in 2006. During his performance at the Laugh Factory, Richards launched into a series of racist jokes and slurs. Needless to say, the crowd didn’t find it very amusing.

For now, Seinfeld fans still have plenty of time to binge the series a few more times before the Netflix rights expire. But don’t miss your chance! What are some of your favorite moments from the series? Be sure to let people know in the comments below.

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