Password with Heidi Klum

‘Password’ Fans Crown Heidi Klum ‘Dumbest On Show’

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Password has been a favorite game show for Americans since it debuted in 1961. The show has celebrities teaming up with contestants. Then, each gives clues to try to get their partners to guess the hidden words.

Heidi Klum was one of the celebrity guests on a recent episode, alongside Jimmy Fallon. Heidi is a favorite for one sect of reality TV thanks to her judging work on America’s Got Talent. However, fans of Password were not impressed with her appearance on this show.

Heidi Klum has strange clue on Password

Heidi Klum and Jimmy Fallon were playing Password on Wednesday and the clue that they had to get their partners to guess was “Peacock.” The word mostly describes a bird, but ironically, it is also the streaming service for NBC, which airs Password and America’s Got Talent. With that said, there were plenty of ways to go for Heidi and Jimmy to give clues for the word.

That made it puzzling when Heidi didn’t bother to give a clue based on the bird. Nor did she use the streaming service that carries the reality TV show she stars in. Instead, she sounded the word out and then gave one of the most inappropriate clues possible. Heidi’s clue for “Peacock” was “urination.” In absolutely no surprise, her partner had no idea what the word was.

Password with Heidi Klum

However, this caused Jimmy Fallon to lose it, laughing uncontrollably. He originally gave the clue “proud.” At least Jimmy’s was part of a saying, “proud as a peacock.” After this, Heidi said “urination” and the contestants were all confused at the word that “proud” and “urination” could connect. Heidi said she was “trying to go down a different route.” Jimmy then said “bird” and then Heidi finally said “multi-colored” and her partner won it despite her strange start to the round.

Fans mock Heidi Klum performance on the show

Heidi Klum mentioned before the show that English was not her first language. She said this to let people know to go easy on her because her “brain dictionary” can only hold so many English words. That didn’t seem to sway fans online who immediately began mocking the supermodel for her performance on the show.

“Watching Password. @heidiklum is not a good player,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Maybe if Heidi would quit acting like an idiot and trying to be funny…Password is a nostalgic, great game. Sure you all will eff it up,” a second fan wrote.

“Maybe having German born Heidi Klum compete against Jimmy Fallon in password not that great, nuances of language and all,” another wrote.

However, others seemed to enjoy the clue.

Ok, a good thing today on a day that was just awful – @heidiklum’s clue for “Peacock” on Password was “urination”. That made me laugh obnoxiously.” one fan wrote.

When Heidi Klume [SIC] described the word Peacock as Urination, because she’s German and that’s what the word looked like to her, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard #password,” another wrotedid not expect me to get that one.”

What did you think of Heidi’s clue? Let us know in the comments.

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