‘Unexpected’ Tyra Breaks Down, She Okay?


Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau has never been one to hold her feelings back. No matter what she is going through, she has always been incredibly open. Recently, she broke down on social media while her fans and followers watched. So, what led to this? Read on to find out.

Tyra Has Always Done The Unexpected

The moment Tyra joined Unexpected in Season 3, she had an interesting storyline. She came from a family of teen mothers. Her younger sister and her cousin had just given birth to baby girls. The three of them had grown up together, having had teen mothers. So they just assumed they would raise their kids the same way. Yet Tyra had bigger goals along with being a mother. She went off to college, leaving her daughter, Layla behind with her baby daddy, Alex.


Of course, her sister, Tiarra was not a big fan of this. It seemed somewhat selfish but she did not seem to care. There were some fidelity questions but then, Alex was the one who ultimately was unfaithful. He did get another girl pregnant and that dominated Tyra’s Season 5 storyline. Yes, Tiarra and their cousin, Taylor were both pregnant with their second children but Tyra was torn about Alex. Eventually, pictures of Alex holding his new baby came out and Tyra went live on TikTok to set the record straight.


She shared that they were not together and a whole slew of things that should probably have remained private between her and Alex. At the tell-all, Alex was there but refused to come on the stage. Then, she and co-star Kylen Smith got into it when the latter came at Tyra. Tyra shared the messages on social media and fans were appalled. Now, it seems like something major has happened in Tyra’s life but what exactly is it?

Breaking Down On Camera

Tyra took to her TikTok and was hyperventilating. The video was reshared on @tlc.unexpectedteaa’s Instagram. In the video, she said she was trying hard to be quiet. She added that she was trying not to cry but could also throw up. Basically, she was over the moon because she made it to rising star number twenty-three on TikTok. It initially appeared that she was having a panic attack and was not okay. Some fans questioned if social media really meant that much to her.


There were others who said she was just appreciative of everything her fans have done for her. This may be true but she has so much more in her life than just TT validation. As for her Unexpected future, her sister shared their status. Tiarra said they were not returning for Season 6. It appears that the family is a package deal so that would mean Tyra is gone, as well.

Do you think Tyra went over the top with her reaction? Furthermore, do you want to see her back for another season? Let us know in the comments.

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