‘Unexpected’ Post Tell-All: Kylen Messages Petty Comment To Tyra?


The Season 5 Unexpected tell-all is only on part one. Yet it is already extremely explosive with Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith at the center of it all. The female cast members just want the best for Kylen but she seems to be so blinded by Jason. There is absolutely no getting through to her and when they say anything about Jason, he storms off. In the aftermath, Kylen seemingly could not let it go and took the opportunity to tell Tyra Boisseau how she felt.

The Unexpected Girls Versus Jason

As soon as Jason and Kylen’s segment began on the tell-all, their female co-stars rushed to the monitor backstage. They were so eager to see how it went down. When host Ananda Lewis asked what they were hoping to see, Jenna Ronan shared they were expecting an apology from Jason. They saw how awful he was to Kylen the entire season and hoped he was slightly remorseful. In their opinion, he ruined the most beautiful and special day of her life, the moment Xavier was born. Throughout it all, Jason maintained he loved the attention he was getting regardless if it was negative or not.


Jenna ended up comparing Jason to her ex and baby daddy Aden Albright but on crack. He declined to attend the tell-all so he could not defend himself. However, fans were thrilled when she finally cut ties with him. The grandmoms saw her out on the stage glowing and they wanted the same for Kylen. Unfortunately, Jason did not like feeling like he was being attacked and soon, Kylen got up and stormed off. As soon as she did that, Jason followed and declared he was the reason for all of the views. More so, he claimed none of them were popular, it was all because of him. His father even said they would not have a show without them. It continued to heat up after the show was over.

Kylen Versus Tyra

When Kylen and Jason left the stage, they did not want to come back. Finally Jason he would return only if he could make a closing statement. This will all be seen in part two but prior to that, a DM exchange between Kylen and Tyra has come to light. Apparently, Kylen took it upon herself to message Tyra on Instagram. She just reiterated what Jason said on the show by saying she was sorry that the attention was not on Tyra this season.





It ended up on Reddit and fans had a lot to say about this:

  • “that’s jason 100%”
  • “It’s funny they think they have fans. They just have people concerned for her.”
  • “Highly doubt that is Kylen writing those. I doubt Kylen even has access to her social media. He is extremely abusive and controlling and I really fear for her safety aswell as the baby :(“
  • “It’s funny they talk about how they are the only reason the show got views this season but they don’t even have a bunch of followers compared to other people on the show and they aren’t even working on their social media presence to get those followers.”

Tyra also showed a poll where she ranked the highest out of all the cast. At this point, it just shows that Kylen cannot let her gripes go. Yet do you really think it is her or do you agree it might be Jason? Let us know and watch part two of the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.


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