Today Why Was Hoda Kotb Missing From Show? [Today Show | YouTube]

‘Today’ Why Was Hoda Kotb Missing From Show?


Hoda Kotb went missing from a recent broadcast of the Today Show. Normally, Savannah Guthrie was the one who was noticeably absent. She has since returned to her seat last week. Hoda’s disappearance comes amid the ongoing feud rumors between the two co-hosts.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans want the two to just get along. They hope that Savannah and Hoda will repair their broken friendship and work relationship. The talk shows have had their share of behind-the-scenes drama. Meanwhile, fans want to know where Hoda’s been hiding lately.

Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie Feud [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Is the Today host feuding with Savannah Guthrie?

There have been numerous reports about Hoda Kotb’s feud with Savannah Guthrie. The two have been at odds with each other for the past few months. An insider told The Sun that the two “can’t stand each other.” It could be the reason why they’ve both taken so many breaks lately.

“Savannah is the boss. After Matt Lauer was ousted, Savannah grabbed power, and she really wanted Willy Geist in Hoda’s role, but his ratings were just not up to par for the network,” an insider previously told The Sun. “Hoda out maneuvered Savannah and got the spot. [Savannah] thinks of herself as a real news person.”

Hoda Kotb Missing From Today Show [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
The anonymous source went on to claim that Savannah only sees Hoda Kotb as Kathie Lee’s former co-host who enjoyed wine. Their on-air tension has been obvious to fans. During the July 15th broadcast, cookbook author Elizabeth Heiskell was a guest. Savannah told Hoda that they were “moving on” as they “don’t have time for all that.”

The co-hosts continued to quarrel with one another during the live shows. Savannah revealed in an interview with Good Housekeeping that she shared a clip with Hoda. She asked her to never mention it again. The clip revealed Savannah’s secret talent. She was upset when Hoda shared her secret singing talent.

Where is Hoda Kotb lately?

Hoda Kotb first joined the Today Show in 2007. After Matt Lauer was ousted for his long history of sexual assault. Fans noticed that  Hoda was absent from the show this week. In lieu of her 58th birthday, she will take the week off.

In a previous broadcast, Savannah surprised Hoda by asking Hayes to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. She informed the country singer that her co-host is his “number one fan.” As fans know, Hoda loves her country music.

“I love you! Thank you that was super sweet,” Hoda Kotb told the show.

A series of celebrity guest hosts will be filling in for her this week. Some of them include Michelle Collins and Justin Sylvester. Are you missing Hoda Kotb on Today? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Hoda Kotb.

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    1. Ughhhhh ! Can’t stand Jenna, about as much as can’t stand Savannah !! Hoda is, to say the least, the best of the 3 ! Savannah is just plain rude and Jenna is a Hoda “wanna be”

      1. 100% in agreement there. Hoda is the only reason I started watching in the first place. The news portion is the same information hour after hour all day long. Once Hoda is off the channel is changed.

    2. I don’t ether one. Jenna is there, because of fsthet; Mr President. They need to take that show off.(sick of it, and there faux acts) just for money…. And I think they need to take her off the 7a hour……… Send her on her way out the door………

  1. I think Savannah and Hoda need to cut ties ! Get replacement for Savannah. She is the rudest person on tv ! Why does no one see that ?? Hoda is so much fun and Savannah is a stuck up snob !!!!

    1. I totally agree!!! Savannah is condescending and rude so often to Hoda and other anchors and guests !!! Hoda is genuine ! Plus Savannah needs soneone to work on her clothing style !

      1. Savannah is rude. She won’t shut up when anyone else is try to talk. She talks right over them and I can’t understand what anyone is saying. I love Hoda! She is sweet and does an awesome job. Craig, Dylan, and Al are wonderful. The team could do a great show without Savannah.

    2. I don’t ether one. Jenna is there, because of her father Mr President. They need to take that show off.(sick of it, and there faux acts) just for money…. And I think they need to take her off the 7a hour……… Send her on her way out the door………
      And I think it should be Savanha, and Willie, or Tom Llamas…..

  2. If it comes down to a choice, I’ll take Hoda any day. I am so tired of Savannah being rude to guests that she is interviewing. Even when Hoda has to ask a tough question she shows compassion. Savannah’s ‘I am it’ attitude rubs me the wrong way. I have no issues with Jenna except I think her ‘best friend’ with Savannah is affecting her. I would hate to see her change to be just like Savannah.

    1. Hoda is why I watch Today..she’s a lovely personality with care & compassion for others…other 2 not so much, & have become rude & more self centered…

  3. If I had a personal choice, I would prefer Hoda and Willie Guist hosting the Morning Show. Savanna presses herself to be a bit arrogant, pushy, and attempts to interject her personal beliefs on viewers. This was clearly observed by viewers when Savannah hosted one of the Presidential debates with Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

  4. Oh my word you people!!! She took the week of her birthday off to spend it with her family!!!! Go to insta and see Savannah’s birthday message to Hoda. There’s no freaking feud. Can’t 2 grown ass women disagree without it become media gossip!?

    1. I can’t stand Hoda nor Savannah . Plus Jenna Bush has no purpose for being on the show. She has no experience at all. Get rid of Hoda and Jenna program then clean house and get another news caster to replace
      Savannah and Hoda. Woman cannot get along with other women when working together it’s a known fact. You need a good female report and a good male reporter at the news desk. It should be like the TV show was back in the 1970’s, ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ it was fun to watch and all the characters got along.

  5. That whole show needs revamping. All new cast. I do like jenna and hoda but I think it needs to revamp to bring more excitement to the show.

  6. Hoda is delightful and relatable. I enjoy her optimistic and honest presence on the Today show and would be very disappointed if she were off the show!

  7. Get rid of Savannah …she is rude to guest….think she is in charge of everything…don’t like her attitude. Time Savannah is replaced !!!

  8. Morning news programming needs a whole new shake up. ABC is only promoting Disney. CBS has a transparent agenda. I can no long take Savannah and her Little House on The Prairie dresses and arrogance. Why does it take 5 people talking over each to deliver the top news stories?

  9. I watch for news! Real news, Not the social and movie star junk. Sometimes they are all talking at the same time, that’s when I go to C-Span.

  10. Savannah can be really rude. I don’t like how she interviews people. I have to change the channel. Jenna is funny but she has a bad habit of talking over people. She needs to shut up and listen before speaking up. I feel sorry for people that show how they make food on the show. They don’t get a chance to talk they are rushed. I wouldn’t want to do it anymore if they treated me that way.

  11. Not a fan of Savannah . She comes across as very arrogant. She doesn’t listen well and seems to want all the attention on her. I love Hoda. She is very humble and genuine. I would love to see Hoda and someone else instead of Savannah on Today show.

  12. Savanna does come across as a person that thinks that she is the “Boss” and thinks she is better then other and she’s on her pedestal. Hoda always seems happy and energetic and always smiling, I like her.👍❤️

  13. I used to watch today show till matt put that other lady down had her fired on set I can’t remember her name. A sweet heart. Then came back from break and there was Savanna all smiles. After that I tuned in to GMA

  14. I quit watching Today because of Savannah several years ago. Her “interviews” were so biased and rude. Hoda is a much more professional reporter.

  15. I can’t stand Savanna’s wimpy voice! Her appearance is too casual! Hoda has a much stronger voice. My vote goes for Hoda and Willie. Get rid of Savanna!

  16. Hoda is the only reason I watch.. sometimes. I can’t stand Savannah or Jenna. They both try to run all over Hoda. Why? Do they think they are privileged? Jenna is way to silly and a know it all who knows nothing.

  17. Please bring Hoda back! Get rid of Savannah and bring in someone else. The show needs freshening up!

  18. Savannah thinks she is the boss on the Today show. She should leave not Hoda. Hoda is the reason the Today show is as popular as it is because of her bubbly personality and her interactions with the guests.

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