Feuding Today Show Hosts Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie Give Toast [Today Show | YouTube]

Feuding ‘Today Show’ Hosts Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie Give Toast


Today Show fans have questions about Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb’s work relationship. The two co-hosts gave a toast and broke down in tears amid the reports of their ongoing feud. Savannah and Hoda appeared to be on good terms during Friday’s broadcast. Their raw and vulnerable moment has fans wondering if they’re friends once again.

Is Hoda Kotb feuding with Savannah Guthrie?

Just days ago, a report on The Sun claimed that the Today Show hosts are in a “fiery feud” in which they’ve been accused of acting like “squabbling children” in front of the cameras. Savannah made her return to the morning show after fans called her disappearance out on Wednesday. Others noticed the awkward on-screen behavior between the co-hosts.

Savannah and Hoda took turns hosting for the past few weeks. This left to the feud rumors. Fans think the two can’t be in the same room together. It’s as if the duo couldn’t co-host a full episode together because of their rumored feud.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb's Feud Rumors [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
However, the pair returned together on Monday and Tuesday. During Wednesday’s broadcast, Today Show fans blamed Savannah for the inconsistencies with filming, which they call “confusing.” She was absent once again for unknown reasons. Savannah made her return on Thursday, but fans have questions about her absences.

They wondered if Hoda and Savannah are feuding behind the scenes. Some fans noticed the tension between them during Thursday’s live broadcast. They notice took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

  • “What’s up with the eat sh*t looks on Hoda Kotb’s face and side-eyes at Savannah Guthrie?”
  • “Not really sure what the issue with Hoda & Savannah but you ladies are adults, not squabbling children.”
  • “Get back to the normal Today family vibe or I’m switching to GMA — you ladies are better than what is coming through on TV!”
  • “Why are Savannah and Hoda scowling so much today?”
  • “Their faces pinched looking, and they are not their usual [cheery emoji] selves.”

An insider associated with the Today Show production crew told The Sun that the two “can’t stand each other.” Savannah’s ego got in the way of their work relationship. She “thinks of herself as a real news person” while Hoda is known as “the lightweight that drank wine with Kathie Lee Gifford.”

Today Show Hosts Toast Pete Williams [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show co-hosts share a tender moment

Amid the alleged feud, the Today Show co-hosts shared a tender moment on Friday’s show. Both Savannah and Hoda were together for Pete Williams’ last day. The longtime NBC News correspondent revealed that he’s retiring. His employees sent him a beautiful send-off during the show.

They reminded him that he’s “irreplaceable.” Savannah told him, “We raise a glass to you, Pete” as the tribute video ended and the camera returned to the hosts. Pete put his hand on his chest as he responded to the sweet tribute. Savannah asked him how he was doing lately.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb On Good Terms? [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Before he could answer, she admitted they were “basket cases” and in “a muddle of tears.” Savannah and Hoda sat next to each other during the segment. They both held up their glasses of champagne as they toasted to Pete’s retirement. Fans were shocked to see the two sitting together and on better terms.

“Good to see you two are getting along,” one wrote. “Hoda & Savannah a tad more civil today!” another added.

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Savannah and Hoda’s feud? Do you think there’s any truth to the rumors? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I can see they are not friends and the stiffness comes through the screen loud and clear. I hope it will be solved soon. GMA is looking better every day

  2. I’ve never cared for Savannah. Her voice is whiny, she’s rude and her bias comes across in interviews. How she ever got the job is a mystery. Hoda, on the other hand, is warm, knowledgeable, professional. Get rid of Savannah and keep Hoda.

  3. I totally agree that Savanna is bias and it shows in her interviews. Love Hoda! She is kind, professional and a pleasure to watch! Get rid of Savanna. Also Jenna is not qualified! We know why she got the job!!!

  4. I enjoy both Savannah and Hoda on the Today show. However when starts thinking that she’s above it all then maybe it’s time for her to seek opportunity elsewhere and leave Hoda to go it alone or with someone else. Hoda is more than capable of handling the position.

  5. I disagree with those dissing Savannah. Ever since Hoda and Joel called it quits, Hoda has come across as rude to others as well as Savannah. I think Hoda is getting too big for her bridges.

  6. Savannah has to get the last word in which annoys me .. Hoda has a much warmer demeanor and is an asset!! Perhaps Savannah should get a job in a law firm!!!

  7. For a while I’ve picked up on the tension between the two. I like both ladies and think they each bring a special twist to the Today Show!
    Savannah & Hoda are a great team!
    They should be left alone this will work itself out…

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