‘Today’ Staffers Reveal Who Hoda Kotb Really Is?

Today Staffers Reveal Who Hoda Kotb Really Is? [Today | YouTube]

Today staffers are revealing who Hoda Kotb really is behind the scenes. This comes amid the news of her rumored feud with co-host Savannah Guthrie. Even the viewers at home could sense the tension between them. Both fans and staffers have chosen sides.

Some of those crew members are speaking out about their experiences on the morning talk show. They revealed that they were siding with Hoda amid the feud. Read on to find out why and to learn more.

Hoda Kotb Exposed? [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]

Today staffers are choosing sides in the feud

One of the Today Show staffers has picked a side amidst Hoda Kotb’s feud with Savannah Guthrie. An alleged source told The Sun that they are on #TeamHoda. The staffer called the co-host their “absolute favorite” because she is “so warm to friendly” to the people behind the scenes.

Hoda Kotb pays attention to the staffers. She talks to them and asks them about their day. She also holds Q&A sessions with the summer intern staff. There have been previous stories of people who’ve had a good experience with meeting the Today Show host.

Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb Feuding? [Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
The anonymous staffer told the outlet that Hoda has a “great mentor off-camera.” She remembers everyone’s name at heart. While they revealed what they loved about Hoda, they failed to share anything about Savannah. It’s unclear whether the source thinks Savannah has a cold demeanor in comparison to Hoda.

Savannah has been the center of scrutiny lately. Some fans have called for her to be fired from the show. There are others who think Hoda should get the boot as well. Insiders claim that the two “can’t stand each other” when the cameras are off.

Today Staffer On Team Hoda [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]

Hoda Kotb’s feud with Savannah Guthrie?

Today Show fans can notice the tension during the live broadcasts. They can’t stand seeing the two powerful ladies not get along. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, they wish that Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie would put their differences aside for the sake of the show.

  • “The tension between Hoda and Savannah is pretty thick.”
  • “I used to watch NBC but just couldn’t take Hoda and Savannah at all anymore. They play for themselves and not the audience.”
  • “They both need to be fired if they can’t along. [It’s] not all Savannah — innocent Hoda is showing her true colors.”
  • “Savannah and Hoda act like drunk aunts and treat their guests like children by only saying, ‘Oh wow,’ or ‘That’s awesome,’ over and over again…”

Some fans are threatening to boycott the show because of the obvious tension. They prefer to watch the friendly hosts over at Good Morning America. What are your thoughts on the Today staffer siding with Hoda Kotb? Which side are you on? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Hoda Kotb.

Chanel Adams


  1. Team Savannah. Hoda has a difficult time when there are serious subjects. She used to be an ace reporter however since she has been on the 4th hour she can’t go back & forth very well.

  2. Both need to be fired it takes two to feud neither one is innocent . Either they reconcile or take them off the air.

  3. Can’t stand. Hoda, she is a flake to me. Oh look at me, I became a mother at 52 and I’m so special and I know everything there is about being a mother. Really! If anybody should go it should be Hoda.

    1. You have got to be an idiot! Hoda is the sweetest and most caring person on the show unlike Miss Goody Two Shoes Savannah who thinks she is all high and mighty who would not give a regular person the time of day. How’s treats fans and staff all the same and does not claim to be better than anyone like Savannah does.

  4. I will no longer watch if Hoda is taken off the show I enjoy her caring personality
    Savannah and Bush seem to have a negative attitude and we have enough of that in this world

  5. By far Savannah should go. She has always had a chip on her shoulder like look at me I’m the best. She has zero personality and not sincere at all. Keep Hoda she is the best !!!!

  6. That think almost everyone on that show are fake. They don’t care how they treat conservative guest by asking question after question while the guest is still answering the prior question. Savannah is guilty of this behavior and I’m sure the people behind the cameras sees this as an attack not an interview. These two spend too much time talking about what they did over the weekend and what their family is doing. I say I for one can’t stand the show all the good hosts are gone and some should be given more air time

  7. I watch CBS in the morning until it goes off then I switch to 3rd hour I love the 4 of them except (how someone already stated about ) I hate when they talk about what they did all weekend or whatever So What!

  8. Neither is much of a journalist. Most of their airtime is about entertainment not news. NBC is much better. But none are Walter Cronkite.

  9. I have just read a book called both and thinking via Wendy Smith and Mary and Louis. Savanna and Hoda are not an either or they are a both and situation and I believe that they can work out whatever their differences are at this time. They need to get Wendy Smith and Mary and Louis on their show to straighten out their situation.

  10. Savannah must go. She is past her so called prime. She dresses like it’s 1959. No personality. Hoda is the ONE. Keep her and get rid of Savanna

    1. and that is why they need to keep Hoda Kobt and Savanah Guthrie on there with Hoda on Today show too and please stop hating on them please ok and just do it for me ok everybody???

  11. Just stop all the negativity by keeping this story going.
    I feel Savannah thinks she owns the whole network. I think Jenna Bush has changed and no longer pleasant. Past President daughter should not be any different than other ladies.
    Of course Hoda should stay. I like her.

    1. I agree. Used to like Jenna, but she has changed. Don’t enjoy her on the show at all. Love Hoda! Most down to earth normal person.

  12. Definitely with Hoda. Savannah thinks everyone should cowtow to her. That she is the sole reason for the Today Show’s success. She’s delusional. She only likes Jenna because her daddy was president with powers then she could never hope to achieve. Get rid of Savannah.

  13. I cannot stand Savannah. There was a time I loved her but something has turned her I to a vet cold person. She doesn’t seem happy and Hoda is Hoda from day one. Savannah is acting like Matt Lauer now and he was very much hated. Jill is very good and needs to replace goofy Jena. Jena talks too much and over everyone. Very silly too

    1. And Jenna does not even wear underware. that bit of information I can do without. All three should go, high school jelousy is over!

  14. Savannah coddled Hodas emotions when she broke down on air and graciously resumed the broadcast with compassion and professionalism

  15. Bring back Hoda! She is an inspiration to us all. Survived breast cancer Adopted children who needed a stable mom. Lessons earned and learned. Compassionate and caring. Bring her back, please

  16. Plz keep Hoda and get rid of Savanah. Savanah looks stiff and cold next to everyone else on the show. She also has been looking haggard, probably due to stress. She needs to find another job or just retire. Spend the time with her young children.

  17. Savanna is the only one with a brain. very smart lady. She can do the serious stuff. Hoda comes across as forced and a little stupid. Send Hoda packing.

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