‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Bert Finally Sees Merrifields, What’s Next?

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This whole season of Seeking Sister Wife, the Merrifields have been waiting for just one thing. They have been desperate for their sister wife, Bert to finally make it to America. At this point, there is nothing legally holding her back. Yes, she has her mother to watch over but her visa has been approved. It has caused a lot of stress for the couple that they took matters into their own hands and finally headed to see Roberta. So, what’s next? That is anybody’s guess.

The Merrifields Try To Make It Work On Seeking Sister Wife

It was not easy to return home last season without Roberta. Dannielle and Garrick to a leap of faith when they found her on a polygamist website. To ensure she could come to America from Brazil, the couple even got a divorce. This would allow Garrick to marry Bert to make for a smoother transition. Communication was also very hard for the trio since Bert often went MIA. When the pandemic hit, the Merrifields went very long without being able to reach her.

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Finally, when they did get in touch, Garrick and Bert decided to kickstart forever and go straight to babymaking. As Season 4 began, viewers learned that they were unsuccessful in procreation. Furthermore, Dannielle and Garrick had not seen Bert in over a year. They decided to try and seek out an additional wife while they waited but never gave up hope. Though Bert’s papers were waiting for her to finally come to be with the Merrifields, she has dragged her feet. So, they turned the tables.

Is This Really Going To Work?

It appears Roberta is just taking her sweet time coming to America. Her Seeking Sister Wife family is willing to do anything they can to reunite with their beloved. Therefore, they head to see her in Brazil. It seems like they are desperately searching for any and all answers possible. According to Starcasm, Roberta is over the moon to see Dannielle and Garrick. She still seems just as excited to go forward with their future as she was before.

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Though they are thrilled to be united in Brazil, there is a lot of hope for the future in America. Roberta shares that, from this point on, she always wants to be by the couple’s side. Admittedly, when Dannielle watches her husband go off with Bert, it starts to sting again. Yet, she tries to let it go for the sake of the family. As for Garrick and Bert, she has reassured him that she will be returning to Colorado with them. Whether this is true or not is yet to be seen.

Do you think Bert has any intention of coming to America? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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