‘sMothered’: Meet The First Transgender Cast Member & Mom

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sMothered returns Monday night for Season 4. Though there will be many familiar faces, some newbies are joining the cast. One mother/daughter duo is Angie and Shay. They have a unique storyline that will tug at some heartstrings. Yet, they also bring the first transgender cast member to the series. Here is their story but first, a reminder of who is coming back.

sMothered OG’s Bring The Drama

The show would not be complete without Cher and Dawn especially now that Cher and her husband are back in Florida. The only problem is that he has them moving closer to his new job. This is also closer to his own family and not her mother so Dawn will have to work some magic. You know from her past efforts that she will manipulate as hard as she can. Lauren and Laura Leigh have a baby on the way. Of course, Lauren’s mother, Lisa doesn’t know boundaries. Why should she? She was the one who helped make this baby possible. This will be a battle between Lisa and Laura Leigh but who will win?


Cristina’s husband has a thriving business which is great. Her mother Kathy is excited about this as well as the fact that Cristina is living closer to her. However, the idea that the business could expand is a threat to their time together and that she cannot appreciate. Finally, Angelica has called off her wedding but she is still living with her baby daddy and their newborn. Plus, she has her mom Sunhe to contend with so it is just a hot mess. Then, there are the new duos joining the cast.

Newbie Love

Paula takes care of her mother Francia but it becomes a hot mess when Paula learns there is a new girl in her mom’s life. Francia will be adopting her niece and that is something Paula simply cannot have. Ashley and mama Cathy are so close that they actually have guys who are interested in both of them. Makes sense since they do sexy photo shoots together and then post them on their dating apps. Now, they are neighbors but Ashley has decided to exclude her sister from everything. This will cause an all-out war. Finally, there is Shay and Angie. Shay is transitioning from MTF and this is big for her mom and sMothered.

Angie, Shay

As seen in a clip for TLC, Angie is learning how to adjust to having a daughter. Initially, it was rough because Angie had to say goodbye to her son. She had raised her for twenty-two years one way and then it just shifted. However, all that matters to Angie is Shay’s happiness so she does not care how Shay identifies. She will always be her baby and has been out for a year now. Angie has to teach Shay how to shave her legs and all the girlie things they could not prior.


They also get to talk about intimate matters whereas before it was solely sports related. Unfortunately for Shay, she gets the feeling that her independence has been somewhat sacrificed. Angie wants to be with her daughter 24/7 and that’s become tough. Plus, Shay will embark on a weight loss journey throughout the season and her mom takes it a tad too far.

Watch their evolution when Season 4 of sMothered premieres Monday on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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