‘sMothered’ Dawn Obsessed With Taking Over Cher’s Breastfeeding?

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sMothered returns in less than a month. However, TLC is taking fans back down memory lane for some of the most interesting clips of seasons past. One of them was when Cher was learning how to breastfeed her baby, Belle. However, it appeared that mama Dawn might be the one who wanted to do all of the work.

Cher And Dawn Are Beyond sMothered

These two women are the definition of best friends but they take it to a whole other level. They have always done everything together but that all changed six years ago. Cher’s husband went to New York to do his residency but thankfully, that is all done now. It was even more stressful during the pandemic. Obviously, Cher was a relatively new mother and Dawn wanted to be there for all of the precious moments. Therefore, she had to find ways to get from Florida to the East Coast to be with her babies.


Now, Season 4 is bringing a lot of changes. Cher and her family are moving back down to Florida which has Dawn over the moon. Unfortunately, her baby girl is not moving close enough to her and that is a problem. Her son-in-law has found a place that happens to be both closer to his new job and his family. This simply will not do for Dawn so she will have to work her mama magic to get her family back where they belong. By that, she means as close to her as possible. For now, here is a flashback to Dawn trying to dominate a precious first mommy moment between Cher and Belle.

A Little Too Invasive?

To prepare for the upcoming season of sMothered, TLC is sharing a flashback of an epic moment between Cher and Dawn. Cher has someone over to help her learn how to properly breastfeed. Of course, her mother wants to get in on the action, just in case Cher has any questions. Fortunately, there are props so Dawn can practice along with her daughter. It is hard for Cher because she wants to ask questions but her mom is dominating everything. Yet, Dawn wants to be completely included in the process. Even the lactation specialist says Dawn might be too involved.


At this point, Cher is grateful for Dawn’s help but she does need to tell her mom something that she and her husband have discussed. The clip ends there but obviously, the mother/daughter duo are just as close as ever. Now, whether or not Dawn will be able to sway the couple to move closer is yet to be seen. Find out what happens when sMothered premieres on August 8th on TLC.


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