How Danielle Busby Made Graeson Bee Special For Moms

Danielle Busby - Parker Busby - Instagram

Danielle and Adam Busby were thrilled when they announced Graeson Bee finally had a physical storefront. As those who follow the couple on Instagram know, Danielle spends a lot of time at the physical storefront. Being very hands-on with the store, OutDaughtered fans can’t help but wonder how that works exactly during the summer. Does she take the girls with her when she goes to work or does she leave them all with Adam?

The OutDaughtered parents recently explained on Instagram just how kid-friendly Graeson Bee Boutique is via the clothing store’s Instagram. According to the post, Graeson Bee is a very warm and inviting clothing store for parents with children that dread the idea of taking said children to the store with them.

In the same way they have made the store inviting for parents with children, they have allowed the store to be a place they could bring one (or all) of their children to and still get some work done. How does that work exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Parker Busby - Instagram
Parker Busby – Instagram

Graeson Bee Boutique: Warm environment for children

Danielle and Adam Busby created their clothing store to be a warm environment for parents to shop with their children. According to social media activity and comments, the clothing store has a fun play area for children to hang out and have a good time while their parents do the shopping. This play area also provides Adam and Danielle with a way to bring the girls to work with them when they have to go to the store.

In the comments, one OutDaughtered fan noted they went to the store recently and their child had a blast in the play area. Others noted they could not wait to visit the store and thought the kids’ play area was a great idea.

Sweet photo of Parker Busby playing

To really show off the play area inside of the store, Adam and Danielle shared a photo of Parker Busby enjoying the play area. In the caption, the couple noted the play area was the perfect option for parents that needed to shop for clothing but dreaded having to bring their children along. Parker Busby had a huge smile on her face as she was clearly enjoying the play area while mom and/or dad got some work done at the store.

Parker Busby - Instagram
Parker Busby – Instagram

In the comments, fans gushed about how beautiful Parker was and how much she had grown.

Do you think it is cool that they created the Graeson Bee Boutique to be so family-friendly? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Busby family.

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