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Parker Busby Startles Adam With What She’s Done To Her Hair

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Parker Busby startles daddy with what she’s done to her hair. In an Instagram Stories update, Adam was talking to Hazel and showing off her fresh coat of make-up on her face. He jested that maybe he needed to ask mommy to start making her eyebrows blue too. Adam Busby’s attention shifted to parker who appeared to be sitting at the kitchen island doing an activity with some of her sisters.

Outdaughtered - Parker Busby - Adam Busby Youtube
Outdaughtered – Parker Busby – Adam Busby Youtube

Parker Busby startles daddy, what did she do?

Adam Busby quickly moves to the kitchen to get a closer look realizing she’s done something to her hair. What did she do? Instantly OutDaughtered fans’ hearts sank thinking Parker might’ve decided to give herself a haircut. Initially, it even sounded like Parker might’ve cut her hair when daddy asked what she did.

If Parker didn’t cut her hair, what did she do? Turns out, she added a splash of color to her hair. To be more specific, she had colored a couple of inches of the ends of her hair all the way around her head.

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Adam Busby gets to the bottom of it

OutDaughtered fans could hear a combination of fear and amusement in Adam Busby’s voice as he investigated Parker’s hair. He zoomed in and showed off the colored ends before asking what happened. He questioned how she got her hair color and where it came from. More importantly, he needed to know if Parker had mommy’s permission to put that color in her hair. After all, she certainly didn’t get daddy’s permission before doing it.

Check out the video down below of Adam busting Parker for splashing color in her hair.

Parker Busby was quick to clarify that mommy was well-aware of the color she put in her hair. She tells daddy that mommy knew she had the hair color. More importantly, Parker confirmed that Danielle gave her permission to put the splash of red in her hair.

Do you think Adam Busby gets startled by his girls pretty regularly? What do you think of this adorable little video clip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest OutDaughtered news.

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