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Mama Busby Embarrassed By Hazel’s Scandalous New Skill

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Mama Busby of OutDaughtered was blushing with embarrassment over Hazel’s scandalous new skill. Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she took herself and some of the girls to get hair cuts. She popped on Instagram Stories to show off the finished products. Hazel Busby didn’t seem to be too interested in showing her new hair. But, Danielle did bust her showing off a scandalous new skill in the background.

The first time it happened, Danielle joked it was a new thing the girls were obsessed with. When she busted Hazel doing it again, she giggled nervously and quickly turned the camera off. What is this scandalous skill? Keep reading.

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram
Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

Mama Busby shares the girls’ scandalous skill

According to mama Busby, her quints have taken an interest in twerking. Toward the end of her Instagram Stories, she zoomed over on Hazel to try and give fans a look at her new hair. Hazel immediately dropped it like it was hot and started twerking. Danielle quickly took the camera back off of Hazel and that was the end of her Instagram Stories update. It was clear that mama Busby was nervous and a bit embarrassed by Hazel’s new scandalous skill.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans can’t help but wonder where Hazel and the quints would have picked up something like this. Fans know Adam Busby has been pretty active on TikTok as of late. There are always tons of videos of people twerking on TikTok. So, it is possible it is something they saw while daddy was browsing TikTok. Furthermore, they do go to school. They also have a sister who is almost a teenager. So, it is possible they picked up knowledge of twerking from school.

They busted the dogs ‘twerking’

A while back, Adam Busby jested that he just never knows what he is going to hear shouted across the house with so many children. He was recording something with Parker when the girls could be heard from the other room. They shouted to daddy to inform him that the dogs were twerking on top of each other. In the comments of Adam’s post, fans appreciated the innocence of the quints. After all, it was clear to everyone but the quints that the dogs were doing something else entirely.

How do you feel knowing the Busby quints have learned to twerk? Do you understand why mama Busby was embarrassed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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