Parker Busby’s Bloody Wound Cuts Family Walk Short

Parker Busby - Youtube

Parker Busby of OutDaughtered learned a hard lesson that resulted in a seriously bloody, busted-up knee. According to both Adam and Danielle’s Instagrams, they went for a walk while the sun was going down. Adam Busby really enjoyed his view walking behind his gorgeous wife, his beautiful daughters, and the incredible sunset.

Parker Busby takes a spill, busts her knee

Adam Busby took to his Stories again with an update. Their walk had been cut short. One of the quints took a bit of a spill and had a pretty nasty busted and bloody knee. The video kicked off showing Danielle Busby giving the busted-up quint a bit of a piggyback ride. Adam explained Parker Busby took a bit of a spill and busted up her knee because she wore inappropriate shoes during their walk. Adam and Danielle hoped this would be a learning experience for Parker and it wouldn’t happen again.

Parker Busby - Instagram
Parker Busby – Instagram

During the walk, Adam and Danielle swapped. The camera revealed Parker was now sitting on Adam’s shoulders as they headed back to the house. Adam explained they were heading back to the house so they could get Parker’s knee patched up.

OutDaughtered fans are a bit confused

In the comments of Adam’s post on Instagram, some fans were a bit confused as to why the family didn’t go on more walks. Having two dogs, fans assumed going on walks would be a daily thing for Adam and Danielle. Adam responded to the concerns noting they have a massive yard that is completely fenced in and safe for their dogs. So, they can get time outside and go to the bathroom without being taken for a walk every day.


As fans that follow Adam and Danielle know, they keep Parker Busby and her sisters very busy. So, chances a pretty good the couple simply doesn’t have time to walk their two adorable little dogs on a daily basis. It, however, is no question that the dogs are loved as Danielle considers them to be the baby boys she never had.

Do you think Parker Busby will remember to wear the right shoes the next time the family goes for a walk? Let us know your thoughts. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered. 

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